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Lakewood Washington Police Officers Massacred

Latest update 01 December 09:
They got Clemmons, and his enablers
  • I will assume (because he is alive) that the amazingly professional lone Seattle Washington Police Officer was guilty of 'Profiling'. That ever so distasteful PC poster word. The other four Police Officers would still be alive if they had been allowed to Profile.

    Four uniformed police officers massacred while doing routine work reviews on their laptops, at a small popular coffee shop south of Tacoma Washington. At this point, the story is told best in this Media
  • So far all are in shock and the inevitable finger pointing with predictable anti-gun Media SPIN will soon begin. The MSNBC comment threads are running wild
  • What is most disheartening, is the huge numbers of negative, hatred filled comments in this MSNBC link above. Overwhelming hatred directed against our Uniformed Officers. Disgusting. I would not like to think that this is the primary genre of Liberal MSNBC's target audience?

    A part of society that would violently as well as verbally attack our officers like this, is truly a violent, despicable segment of society. The perpetrator of this violent crime will more than likely be a person that has been given countless chances over his lifetime. A system that both the prosecution and DEFENSE are payed by the Taxpayers, results in endless Repeat Offenders. An 'Extensive Record' is the way the media reports it.

    Our 'Progressive' legal system is forgiving to the point of being a deserved victim
  • The Governing system of our USA is now a total Pyramid of Lawyers, now from the TOP down and including 3/4ths of Congress. Law in the USA prefers to allow endless Repeat Offenders freedom to roam in society. Probably a good system ...for Lawyers.

    A lifetime's legion of Lawyers constantly filing for his releases, funded by the Taxpayers, ensured that yet another sociopath is allowed to roam free in society. Of course the same society that voted for this system, then routinely and so predictably attack the Governor, The Judges, the Police and The Gun of course.

    They unwittingly attack all but their own chosen system that treats Career, Violent Repeat Offenders as if they were just errant children seeking 'direction', council, and Guidance.

    Our nation (no surprise) has Violent crime. The greatest majority is committed by the smallest minority of society. Violent, Repeat Offenders achieve Career status by being Released Repeatedly. Our legal system is based on Lawyers for the prosecution and the DEFENSE, both paid for with Taxpayers dollars.

    No wonder that so many states are experiencing large numbers of their Law Abiding Citizens to be Trained, Certified, CCW. If just one plain clothes Citizen trained in Situational Awareness, Certified CCW, was on the scene, this event would have been far less likely to have this outcome. The mere thought that an armed citizen could have possibly been in the coffee shop, would have made anyone contemplating this act, to give it second thought.

    As it stood, the killer was free to focus only on the uniformed officers. He had no reason to look around while drawing his weapon. The city apparently has restrictions that discourage the legally concealed carry of a weapon. Of course a Career Violent Criminal has no regard for such laws.

    One other point to note. The PC view of 'Profiling' has been discouraged to the point that society can not 'Prejudge' the intent of anyone. If these Police officers had not been discouraged from Profiling, they would still be alive and the 'Attempted Assassination' would be the story. After this event, I will assume that the Washington Police Officers will assume a far different perspective.
    Having associated with Law Enforcement Officers for many years, I know they are excellent at judging 'Character'.

    The resultant Media Spin will of course be focused on 'THE GUN'. Little mention will be made on this violent persons lifetime career and it's seemingly prolific popularity in our nation. I Pray for all involved in this total waste of life.

    One Nation Under GOD, The United States of America

    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Another Career Violent Repeat Offender...

    On 12/11/09 a 911 call was received by our department. The caller, Adam M. Pierson (MW, 02/19/76, KS D/L: K01-74-4754, 6'3", 250#), threatened to shoot four police officers in the head.

    It was learned that Pierson was upset after being warned about panhandling in Vernon Hills a short time earlier. Pierson was found and arrested at his apartment later in the day. However, only Class A Misdemeanor was approved and Pierson was bonded out by his girlfriend, Teresa M. Grandinetti (FW, 12/16/63). Both reside at 5227 N. Reserve Avenue, Apartment 1W, Chicago.

    After leaving LPD, Pierson stopped at the Shell gas station in Lincolnshire to buy cigarettes. While inside he began telling shoppers and employees that he was going to kill two Lincolnshire Officers tonight and that they could watch it all over the news tomorrow.

    With the assistance of the Norridge Police Department, Pierson was stopped and arrested within one hour. During the second interview he admitted to the threats, but told Investigators the threats were not specific to Lincolnshire Officers.

    A felony was approved after the second incident and he is being held at the Lake County Jail on $20,000 bond. It is doubtful he will post bond at this time, but please post this for officer safety.

    Pierson has many prior arrests for violent crimes across the country (FBI #376616XA8). He drives a blue-green 1993 Ford Taurus station wagon, Kansas Registration 275BGZ.

    His girlfriend drives a red 1991 Buick, Illinois Registration 9149316. If you have any questions, please contact Investigator Anderson or Investigator Hyde at 847-883-9900.

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