Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Protectionism, Fair Trade

Fair Trade
  • A method of Guaranteeing that a special interest group gets to make an exorbitant profit with NO competition. In the years of rampant Fair Trade, a gallon of Anti-Freeze, cost far more than the product justified. No matter where you went to buy the product, the price was always the exact same. During the Carter Administration, the Nationwide fuel shortages were the result of an Oppressive, domineering Liberal, Leftist influenced Government attempting to control the price of fuel.

    This is the guaranteed end result of government forced 'Price Fixing'. Any time you see in the news reports, any enforcement of Anti-Dumping laws, you are seeing government mandated Protectionism
  • in action. If continued for any extended time, it is disastrous for any economy. Protectionism is not good for anyone even the 'Protected' Producers. It resulted in the last world war, with Japan becoming antagonized into attack.

    The proponents, for the most part Liberal Leftists, insist it is a 'Consumer Protection' Law. It is far from it. The products covered under it, were made so expensive that few, other than the wealthy, could own the products under Fair Trade. The components of each product were subject to the same restrictions. It is in practice, comparable to a 'Use Tax' or 'Value Added Tax' on each and every part in the sum total of parts. USA legalities and the Lawyers that go with every Product and Service, do the exact same thing. The overall effect is making the USA non-competitive in the World.

    The sum of the parts and their restrictions, resulted in an exorbitantly priced Air Compressor, being only justified for high volume commercial use by a business. NO average consumers or homeowners, could ever afford to own a simple Air Compressor, due to fair Trade, prohibitive pricing. Tools were Fair Traded. Their limited ownership, guaranteed few average mechanics could work on their own devices, whether it was a car or bicycle, which also were Fair Trade items. You paid listed 'sticker' for them or did without.

    Many business groups and environmentalists, support lobbyists and attempt to mandate 'Fair Trade' be written into ever more restrictive laws. It then restricts any competitors and greatly enhances their profits, while decreasing consumption. Trader Joe's is an example of Fair Trade in action. Next time you go there, notice the use of that term on ever increasing lines of their products. It is always in the context of 'Saving the Environment' or promoting 'Fair' treatment of their own slave laborers, by supposedly providing more amenities, using the increased profits.

    In actuality, the producer is encouraged to provide lower quantities for higher prices (easy profits), while restricting any competitors against their business. Less risk, less work (less employees) More profit. Many online products prominently tout 'Fair Trade' in their product advertising. Coffee is one product that is now being gradually 'Fair Traded' into increasingly higher prices. Check out Black Mountain Coffee online, for just one example. New owner, their measured quantity is low and their price is higher. Do not forget shipping which, unlike Amazon, they conveniently hide until the accounts very last stage, unless you buy in bulk, then it is an exposed flat rate.

    Congress is constantly Lobbied by Environmentalists and even Producers to enact even more stringent 'Fair Trade' laws. The names of the Laws being proposed, are always Obfuscated into a wonderful sounding name like 'Consumer Protection' or 'Environmentally Sound', 'Sustainable' is a big red flag. The latest is 'Encourage Green Practices'. In practice it is rampant Protectionism. According to the Liberal Left, limiting Choice is a good thing. It saves 'Mother Earth' by discouraging 'Consumerism'. To them, that is an Evil practice that must be Governmentaly Regulated and Restricted. Freedom of Individual Choice has no part in their forced mandates.

    In the views of a certain faction attached to the Liberal (how did they get That designation?) Left, All sporting events are Unfair. According to their twisted belief, there should be no winners, or heaven forbid, Losers. All outcomes should be Fair. Apparently in school, everyone should get the same grade? After all it's not Fair for some students to get A's while others fail. Don't laugh, that concept is slowly being implemented in 'Progressive' (another new Liberal Left, 'feel good' word) school systems. I'll bet they make great Commercial Pilots. Fortunately sanity still prevails... in most of the world...

    Naturally there are many who would disagree. That is the way the USA functions, or has been... until lately. With the powers now in charge, it seems to be 'Their way or the Highway'. Vote like your life depended on does.
    Long live "The United States of America, One nation under God"

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