Monday, January 11, 2010

ACID, Face Attack

Katie Piper at 24 made a fateful choice. A stunningly beautiful young woman model, who had recently gotten her own apartment and TV modeling job, she regretfully chose to expand her acquaintances. The expansion to include a stranger on Facebook. The short term relationship quickly turned violent with imprisonment and rape. Her terror was apparently short lived. She made yet another drastically poor choice.

After being text messaged by the rapist, she decided to meet with him yet a cyber cafe chat room. He got her to make another dreadful mistake, describing her attire to him on the cellphone. As she left the cafe, while talking on the phone to her attacker, his friend approached, carrying a cup filled with acid, threw it directly into her, one time beautiful face. The results are now history

  • Katie apparently knew little about this 'new friend', his background, his customs, and possibly his deeply ingrained traits. Many parts of the world today, People firmly believe that if you can not have something you desire, no other person should be allowed to 'possess' it either. In this so called 'Religion', women are viewed as property. As such, they are subservient to men.. any men.

    If the story had any positive outcome, it did bring a young, admittedly self-centered woman to Jesus Christ. She has found the strength to bring her amazing story to this Hatred Filled world.
    Reading the comments under the You Tube video, shows just how intense the hatred.

    Gradually many stories are surfacing around the world of similar attacks
  • Only in the outside world, are these stories openly discussed. In their Middle Eastern Homelands, acid attacks are common knowledge and seldom even make the news
  • Under Islam Any woman under this 'Religion' is viewed as chattel
  • to be bartered and traded as would a goat or vehicle. This is of course a prehistoric concept, but wholly embraced by the men of that 'Religion' which is gaining in prominence in every country.

    One internet story tells of a young woman that was getting an education in Afghanistan after the Taliban was removed from power. She then started to school and held a job, bringing money into the family. Her father kept her from harm until he recently died. Her brothers, as is their custom, took possession of her. Her job earned 'them' survival. It was not enough for them. They arranged to sell her into marriage to an older relative for the equivalent of $20,000 U.S. She is now in hiding in Afghanistan. As a runaway, she instantly becomes Prey to be hunted down raped, and killed. Sharia Law is The Power. No other law has precedence over it.

    A God Who Hates, by Wafa Sultan
  • Depicts more of this mysterious Religion we refer to as ISLAM. More and more authors are finding the courage, out of desperation, to reveal the dark secrets behind this rapidly and violently spreading movement around the world.

    Nonie Darwish the author of 'Cruel and Unusual Punishment'
  • tells many another such stories. As the daughter of a man respected for his military actions against Israel, her Palestinian family became privileged enough to leave the country and come to the USA. As an 11 year old girl, after hearing the story of Christianity, gave her heart to Jesus Christ.

    Now she writes of the life she knows so well. The dark, terror filled life under Sharia Law. Her warnings are sadly not heeded by many of the newly emancipated young women in the Western World. Being of the totally naive thought that 'Everyone' thinks just as they do. They view the opportunity of an acquaintance, a date, a fling, an affair with a Middle Eastern Man of a different, exotic background as something 'different', 'excitement', and That is indeed the tragic end result.

    Being young and wanting a taste of adventure, they never give one thought as to the 'Cultureally' ingrained traits that man may cling to, namely.. Sharia Law. The men are extremely adept at concealment of their lifelong teachings. Not until it is too late do the Young women realize they are involved in a swamp of quicksand, with the results being tragically the same. All of these women had the same thoughts. "I am Special, He loves Me, I can Change Him" Regretfully and fatefully, in spite of deep infatuation, it just doesn't quite work out like that 'Fuzzy Bunny', Utopian driven viewpoint.

    Many nations fatally pressured by PC driven demographics, are beginning to allow the Demanding and Intolerant Sharia Law, to reside within their own system. Eventually Sharia Law supersedes National Law. When Sharia Law eventually becomes 'Law of the Land', that Nation's destiny is Doomed to shear and drastic failure, through torture and unfathomable Violence.

    May 'The United States of America' remain "One Nation Under God".

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