Friday, January 01, 2010

NEZ Pierce HIstory Legend

Historic Legend;
A Great tribe long ago, known far and wide as 'The PIERCE' roamed the Great Plains of North America (actually from coast to coast). After many years of happy hunting, followed by a bad season, they choose to replace their leader, as is their Traditional custom. During 'Bushtwo's leadership, he was judged by many of the Loudest Voices, as incompetent (as in 'good riddance').

After the Glee filled election, the Glorious Celebrations slowed (never actually ending) and the promises of 'Change' began to take effect,... Not All of the Tribe, voiced approval. Traditions were done away with, and 'New' Traditions were mandated by their newly elected leader, Chief 'Stickittome'. At the first New Years celebration under Chief 'Stickittome's leadership, a New 'Big Medicine' Tradition was mandated.

Many of the tribal elders, after hearing the details of the 'New' Tradition, balked. A disagreement arose among the once fairly well united, Great Tribe of 'Pierce'. Over half of the Great Tribe of 'Pierce', following a minority of tribal leaders, gathered their pelts, packed their tents, mounted their horses, and left the once prosperous valley, thereby safely distancing themselves from the self-destructive faction of the Pierce.

The banished,now assuming their negative legacy tribal name, as thrown at them in ridicule while leaving, The 'NEZ Pierce', NEZ used as Nay or NO. ...NO PIERCE..(this becomes important later)

The remaining, although rapidly (after learning the details of the new plan) diminishing segment, of the once Great Tribe of 'The Pierce', remnants began worshiping and following their 'New' Leader, 'Chief Stickittome' and his mandates, with only their Hearts and dedication to guide them. Now referring to themselves as, the YEZ Pierce, YEZ being Yay or YES...'YES PIERCE'..(important later)

The YEZ Pierce, prepared for the 'New' Celebration of the New Leaders first New Years Eve. At the exact midnight hour of Chief 'Stickittome's precise plan, the 'YEZ Pierce' all United into one small, closely packed village, excitedly went outside, gathering together to celebrate in the still, night air.

Each having a full quiver of sharp Arrows that Chief Stickittome wanted to rid them of anyway (left behind by the hard working, productive NEZ), excitedly (after a stout 'Mescal' drink), gathered tightly United. On command of Chief Stickittome, raised their powerful bows overhead, perfectly horizontal to the heavens, then Rapidly fired off many, massive, perfectly vertical, Volleys of sharply pointed arrows, in Praise to their 'New' Leader, 'Chief Stickittome'.

This ancient Legend comes to us by way of the Now Famous, much wiser remnant, of the old.. 'Pierce Nation'..The 'NEZ PIERCE'.
Due to the Genetic line of the 'YEZ Pierce', being immediately lost to the New 'Big Medicine' Tradition....

.....True History legend, As told by The old Blogengeezer

  • Not to be confused with the Nez Perce tribe btw!.. that's another story..

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