Thursday, January 07, 2010

SAPPER 27, From Iraq

Author, Sapper 27
In reference to the 'Outraged' Iraqi's, over dismissal of charges against Blackwater security. Posted on Newsvine comments. Thank You Sapper 27...

Dude, they hate everyone. If you have never been there, you would not understand it; They don't just hate 'Us'.. They hate Everyone; They kill each other off left and right, like nothing. Let me give you some examples: Guy...(Mouhammed) drives by his neighbor's house, kicks up some dust, and pisses him (Moustaffa) off, so he get's in his Bongo truck with his Ak-47, drives over to to Mouhammed's house and shoots his dog;

When Mouhammed gets home and finds out what Moustaffa did, he waits till sunset and goes over to his house with an RPG (that's rocket propelled grenade for all you REMF's and civies); Where Mouhammed see's that Moustaffa, Mrs. Moustaffa, Grandma, Moustaffa Senior, and the kids, Moustaffa III, Moustaffa Hussein, Mouhammed (no relation to Mouhammed next door), Mouhammed Michael Jackson, and little Barack Obama Hussein Sadam, having dinner.

He then fires the RPG through the window, killing Mrs. Moustaffa, Moustaffa Sr. little Barack Obama Hussein Sadam, and sweet young Michael Jackson Hussein, or what ever... It's f^@#king dust! How do we get blamed? Well it all comes down to who's butt buddies with the Mayor, cousin to the Chief of Police, and who's Daddy will pay off the provisional leader and Judge.

Oh, then there's yet another great one, where we had to go and arrest a bunch of Iraqi Policemen and Iraqi Soldiers in Sammara; because they were stopping all the buses outside the city at checkpoints. They were extorting pilgrims traveling to their shrine. The one that got mysteriously blown up later. When one group of pilgrims complained and refused to pay, they took everyone off the bus at gunpoint; pulled a 17 year old boy out of the group and bent his ass over the hood of their car and gang raped him in front of everyone to get the money...

It ain't our fault; 'They are just like that'.. That's why Sadam was a butt hole, they only know one thing, and that's the Whip. We can't change them, and if you think you're better than all the people trying, then go on over and see what happens to you; You better hope the US Army comes to your rescue!

So, if you don't agree fine, that's the great thing about being an American, you can Cowboy up and go fight the Terrorists in another land, so you can go on with your Soybean sucking life, or you can go rub elbows with the Sadam's. Then sell out your country like Sean Penn, or talk crap about your fellow countrymen living a miserable existence of a life, while you kiss French asses. You decide; History will reveal itself, the cowards will be revealed, and most of the Iraqi people that you don't hear from in the News, will come out in the end and show their gratitude.

Oh, and by the way you're Welcome France and all you other backstabbing woosey Euro trash, who we will not be there for the next @!$%# storm. Just look at Germany and Japan. Same crap saved them from their Psycho governments and themselves, and they eventually prospered.

BTW don't be so quick to jump on the bandwagon and sell out your country. "Gee Daddy what did you do in the Global War on Terrorism"? Asked little Timmy of his Dad who replied, "Well son, I worked and went to college, where I smoked a lot of weed and talked bad about my country and President. Then I spit in the faces of all those guy's I grew up with. The ones that served our oppressive nation, and never showed ..Me.. any respect"!

Oh.., Timmy said, "Billie's Dad was a Marine who fought in Falluja, where he got shot in the back, while carrying a kid to safety. Then he said, I shouldn't be ashamed my Daddy was a pussy, he was doing it for him too, even if he didn't appreciate it!

Happy New Year's my fellow Americans and Brothers in Arms, may we all prosper another year, whether we be Jew, or Gentile; Sheik or Seeker of enlightenment. Veteran or not. Christian, Muslim, Mexican or Sudanese Irish Polock...The United States of America is a blessed country; No matter your feelings, reach into your heart and seek out a US Service Member, then be there For Them in some way; During Desert Storm, I got candy from old church ladies; Sexy pictures from college girls, and if OIF I got letters and DVD's. Now I send package's with snacks and all the movies I can copy, do what ever you can.

GI Sapper 27
(Been There...Obviously)


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bring em all home....send the planes, tell them to drop everything, grab their duffels and pictures of their kids/sweethearts and bring our soldiers home.


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