Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Judge for Yourself, 'Can't ban Stupidity' Alb Journal

In the Albuquerque Journal on the date mentioned, an article appeared about an incident where a young man dropped a weapon in a movie theater in New Mexico. It discharged when it hit the floor. A woman in front of him felt the impact in her shoe heel. After a massive police lockdown and search of the theater, He was arrested at home and (hopefully) charged with (three?) violations.

The Albuquerque Main Stream 'News' Media, quickly started to Spin the isolated incident into an 'Anti-Gun' Rant, as is so predictable in these days. I noticed the 'JUDGE FOR YOURSELF' column in the 'Outlook' section of the extremely Liberal Albuquerque Journal. I wrote to the author of the article and received his response as below. Refreshing that there are 'Patriots' in Offices of Authority. May it continue to be so in our Great Nation.

reply From:

Mr. -------- Thank you for reading my column " Judge for Yourself " in the Albuquerque Journal. I appreciate your comments and specifically wrote the column in response to the media's "spin" on the story. Also a qualified CCW holder, I was unhappy with the "scare tactics" generated and wished to point out that the law already covers these issues, as well as the fact that there are things (like stupidity) the law just can't be responsible for. Best Wishes.
A Malott

On Jan 27, 2010, at 3:20 PM, ----- ----- wrote:

Judge --- - Malott, Your Honor,
As I started to read your 'Outlook' article 25 Monday Jan 2010, "Gun Laws can't ban stupidity" I was fully prepared for the usual Main Stream Media, Agenda Driven Dogma. As one of the approximately 4 million FBI Certified and trained CCW Multi-State reciprocal, Concealed Carry, Responsible license holders in our USA, I was abruptly and refreshingly surprised, as you presented the Laws already 'on the books'.

The Agenda Driven Anti-Second Amendment groups are loud and repetitive. Within hours of the 'News', the extremely biased Liberal Media, announced that the APD was "Looking into the Current Laws". The 'Talking Head' proclaimed that revolutionary statement, while looking directly into the camera, as if to say... "Things are Going To Change".

The Media never seems to assail the uniquely USA phenomena, of having countless thousands of Career, Violent, Repeat Offenders encouraged by the legal system, to endlessly re-circulate among Law Abiding Society. Political Agenda Driven MSM, seems totally and naively unaware that... "Assault is a Behavior, NOT a Device".
Armed Self Defense is the law Abiding Citizen's Last resort, "The OMEGA DEFENSE". (Reid Haskamp is my TI)

Thank You for Not falling into line with the rest of many seemingly uneducated, Political figures, Pandering for votes and support from the uneducated masses. A Patriot (please accept the compliment) is defined by Not listening to the static from the control obsessed, self anointed 'Rulers' of our society. That fact was apparent in 1776, otherwise the United States of America would not exist as a Free Nation today. Our Treasured Second amendment is a marvelous piece of verbiage in it's simplicity and Power. May the United States of America forever remain "One Nation Under God".

Thank You again Sir
--------- --------
Active NRA Member and Voter
Albuquerque New Mexico


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