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Concealed Carry in Restaurants

The anti-gun Brady-ites are attempting to get Starbucks to ban firearms on their premises. This information is about what a GUN FREE ZONE means to CAREER, VIOLENCE PRONE, REPEAT OFFENDERS.

In a classic local case years ago, a young woman was being escorted to her car, a distance from the popular club. For her escort, she chose the large young man she had known and dated, as a prominent athlete in the university nearby. In the alleyway, a Career Violent Repeat Offender casually approached them. With a fast 'Slash' to the throat... OJ style, her escort was struggling for his life.

The Violence prone Repeat Offender then turned his attention to HER. While her escort was dying, The rapist lifted her up and hung her, feet off the ground, on the wires of the chain link fence. The 'extended' rape during her struggles, was Violent to say the least. It made the news because of the death of the prominent athlete, not because of the Violence of the Rape.

At that time, 'Concealed Carry' was Illegal in the state. The escort and the young woman had No Need for a Concealed Weapon............'Within the Club'.....

It was after that incident, then two horrific Massacres in local business locations, that the state Finally passed the Certified Concealed Carry law, and just recently added the Restaurant clause...

May I suggest all Law Abiding Adults take the Certified Concealed Carry course? Even if you Never intend to 'Carry', The Education alone is worth the time and money.

You Tube has an educational video clip of Suzanna Gratia-Hupp testifying before Legislators on her own deadly experience in the TEXAS LUBY's Massacre. Texas passed their Concealed Carry Certification law shortly 'After' the horrific disaster.

It took two Violent Massacres in local Businesses in New Mexico, to finally give lawmakers the courage to allow Certified CCW in our state. We just recently passed the 'Right to Carry concealed' in Restaurants. Thank You NM legislators.

Career, Violence Prone, Repeat Offenders love anti-gun advocates. It makes their life much less complicated, especially in 'GUN FREE ZONES'...

One other note: enjoy the walk to your car after your next dinner out, we do, we are Armed. :>)

Added Post-Note:
Starbucks has held their ground. They are apparently 'Minutemen' of a first order. They announced NO Change in policy. Whatever local laws are, they will abide by them. Thank Yu Starbucks. I'll Drink To That :>)

One other note gleaned from 'the blogs':
The graphic Media pictures, showing Starbucks Protesters, brandishing Anti-Gun signs, surrounding Camouflaged Patrons, 'strapped' with large handguns, was apparently 'Staged' by the Anti-Gun Brady Bunch. Obviously for the scheduled, pre-arranged 'Media' filming.. Guess they will stoop to anything for publicity. It Didn't Work.. Actually backfired. People are tired of dis-arming, Control Agenda driven Factions for their own gain, trying to Manipulate into submission, the Law Abiding Citizens of the USA.

Note 13 July 2010:

The state of New Mexico just recently passed it's law, allowing the concealed carry of a fiream into an establishment selling Alcohol with food. IF dining and not drinking. The FIRST ARREST just happened. A law abiding CCW carried into a Chile's. They sell Liqour. The Law ONLY covers Beer and Wine establishments. Know the law... New Mexico also no longer recognises Law Abiding Utah Concealed Carry holders....

Defend and Protect YOUR Second Amendment Right!
Enjoy life in this Freedom Loving, United States of America "One Nation Under God"


Blogger Blogengeezer said...

Legislative meetings 'behind closed doors' is no stranger to New Mexico. In exchange for passing the 'Concealed Carry in Restaurants of NM' (in effect Jul 1st 2010), The state of Utah's Concealed Carry permit was outlawed (Harry Reid's Nevada and Nancy Pelosi's California of course, no longer allow it either). Our legislators obviously 'made a deal'. The anti-gun faction's 'IMAGINED' remote possibility of a Utah Concealed Carry Certified, FBI background checked and fingerprinted individual, causing IMAGINED mayhem, just had to be dealt with. It mattered NOT that it has NEVER been an issue or ever caused a problem. Anti-Gun Legislators just had to get their 'Bone'. All the while, encouraging Career, Violent Repeat Offenders to roam among the law abiding society with impunity and protection from the ACLU. See Michael Astorga, Officer James McGrane (murdered), post May 2010.

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