Friday, March 19, 2010

DETROIT's Demise

Comment gleaned from thread "Demise of DETROIT"... authored by RogueUSA


  • Despite the above rants from the "party of the people" here we have a perfect example of American Liberalism. Detroit was once the center of industry in this country. Our once proud city of multicultural, middle class America, has declined to the equivalent of an urban prairie. Once the 4th largest city in the country, has now been decimated by political corruption, 'Progressive' chicanery and urbanization by proxy.

  • the Motor City, the Arsenal of Democracy in WW II, Hockeytown, Detroit Rock City, the birthplace of the assembly line. The center of the Industrial Revolution that propelled the United States to the greatest heights in economic history. Henry Ford, the Dodge brothers, Packard, Walter Chrysler and eventually the biggest amalgamation of industry in the world...GM, were slowly replaced with Butch Jones (YBI), Maserati Rick, the Chamber brothers and "Young Boys Incorporated"
  • which became one of the biggest cocaine and heroin cartels in America.

    Since the Liberal takeover from Jerome Cavanaugh (tried embracing Liberal 'diversity', see what That got him)
  • to Coleman Young, to Kwame Kilpatrick
  • (Now living wealthy in 'SouthLake' Dallas after his prison time) the once dominant auto capital of the world has been decimated to a population of less than 800,000. The 1967 Riot
  • lasted 5 days and is the deadliest and one of the costliest riots in American history (1992 LA Riots surpassed all)
  • All because of an 'unlicensed after hour bar', raid by police (Detroiters like any reason for a party?). Since that critical event and the subsequent mismanagement by Liberal politics, primarily 'Progressive' Coleman Young
  • the city and its extensive population has become a ghost town [semblance, War Zone].

    Law Abiding citizenry's Mass exodus out of the city into the suburbs, to escape the crime, drugs and corruption, has essentially doomed the industrial hub of the 'Closed Shop' (forced Union) Rust Belt
  • The collapse of subsequent industries in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Illinois has rendered our manufacturing industry impotent. Fear, taxes, cronyism fraud, embezzlement, bribery, corruption and any other crime conceivable, created the shell of Detroit we see today.

    Coleman Young, a five term mayor, who espoused the 'Progressive Party' and the AFL-CIO, disenfranchised the population with a mass exodus out of the city to the suburbs. Restrictive city taxes created more blight as industries moved out. During his tenure as mayor, a 45% drop in population created the footprint of what Detroit is today.

    Subsequent 'Liberal Politics' and their socialism intent, has created Alonzo Bates, charged with fraud and racketeering charges. City Council member Monica Conyers, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and bribery charges. Kwame Kilpatrick recently found guilty of corruption, conspiracy, perjury and obstruction of justice.

    Crime, Drugs, Poverty, (Murder rate 5 times national avg, 7 out of 10 go unsolved) Illiteracy-plagued Detroit has a 75% high school dropout rate in spite of an above national average, student education allowance. City council corruption, 70,000 abandoned buildings, 50% unemployment and no hope of recovery, leads Detroit to the place it is today. This is the result of abhorent management, allowing this urban decay to now prostitute itself to Hollywood, as props for massive explosions of derelict buildings for special effects use.

    Predictably the Liberals will continue to blame everyone but themselves, for the ruin of Detroit. If the blame isn't theirs, then who's is it?

    (added note: there were over 400 deadly Riots in America during the Liberal Leftists 'Takeover'
  • beginning in the 1960's) This is the way Detroit conducts 'Business' today and explains it to their kids afterwards

  • The only good thing about Detroit today is that the environmentalists should be happy, as the once greatest industrial city in the world, is slowly returning..... to nature.

    Author, Rogue USA
    post from Demise of Detroit
    Please Pray for our "One Nation Under GOD. Remember our failures and inherent dangers, as we go into the polls in 2010 and 2012.

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