Saturday, June 19, 2010

House Arrest, 34 AWOL

Defenseless Albuquerque Citizens now have 34 more reasons to remain very alert. Of course in addition to these 17 AWOL Afghanistan Specialists
  • that our U.S. State Department imports and 'supports'. The current local investigation of Vince Peele, the director of the CCP (Community Custody Program), has revealed now that 34 of it's 'House Arrest' inmates, (wearing ankle bracelets), are missing. Jeff Proctor of the Albuquerque Journal describes this ongoing fiasco in detail. Vince Peele, CCP Director, charged

  • It appears that 'Vince Peele' was taking bribes to get inmates out of jail and into the much more favorable and comfy, 'House Arrest'. Now we find out that 34 of the 490 CCP inmates are nowhere to be found, AWOL is the military term. One common sense Metro Court Judge, Sharon Walton, is herself reviewing eight cases so far.

    Judge Sharon Walton found one Rapist and two 'Violent' Offenders along with a couple of questionable 'others', she had no idea were released into the program. Vince Peele, charged with Bribery, Conspiracy, and Identity Theft, says all of the cases had been approved in private meetings with Judges (hmmm).

    Darren White the top boss of 'Public Safety', says this is not good for an officer in a traffic stop, to Not know the status of the person being stopped (desperate escapee). Remember Officer James McGrane?
  • He was murdered by Career, Repeat, Violent Offender Michael Paul Astorga (ACLU's Poster Boy)
  • during one such stop. Darren White was the County Sheriff at the time his Deputy was killed. He knows of what he speaks.

    I shudder to think of what is very likely to happen if a driver, with family along for the ride, crosses the Ire of these depraved individuals. If a good samaritan stops to help one of them....? Yes, they are 'encouraged' by our legal system to freely circulate among law abiding society.

    This latest revelation comes amid the on-going investigation of Peele (Robert Mugabe look alike). He easily posted his own $50,000 dollar bail. Who would have guessed.. Now we must deal with even more Career, Violent, Repeat Offenders than normally released into circulation among Law Abiding Society.

    District Court Chief Criminal Court Judge, Albert S. 'Pat' Murdoch, says: "As far as we're concerned, the system is working Fine"... (Yep Just Fine)
    Jail Captain Heather Lough said "This is not unusual, we will work hard to 'get them back".. BTW the Alb Police Union, wanting raises, is putting up a billboard "Less Cops, More Crime". Am I the only one seeing Irony at work here?

    During an email exchange with one of our State of NM Senators, Jeff Bingaman, He mentioned that the State of New Mexico was changing their 'Reciprocity'
  • agreement with Utah on their Concealed Carry License. Utah bases their CCW license on the ability to pass an FBI Background Check with Fingerprints, and the Certification Classroom training.

    Utah does not require that you actually 'score' on the target range. Many States are happily satisfied that the person is Law Abiding, FBI Certified and classroom trained by a Certified Instructor. NO problems have arrisen, because this group is comprised of a remarkably Law Abiding Demographic. Some states, Now including NM, Harry Reed's Nevada, and California of course (what did you expect?), along with a couple more anti-gun Liberal, Dominated states (Gun Free Zones, with predictably high crime rates) do not recognise Any CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon). The Second Amendment means absolutely Nothing to them..

    Totally Gun Free Zones and The toughest Gun Laws in the World, keep everyone safe...Right?

  • NM's Legislators have Attacked the Law Abiding Citizens, and encouraged the Criminally violent, to roam free. That makes perfect sense to our Liberal State Legislators, who as Lawyers, earn their living by the Legalistic Gymnastics of government. They depend on the Career, Violent, Repeat Offenders for their 'state taxpayer funded', income.. Prosecution AND Defense are paid by taxpayers.

    May I suggest that you join over Five Million Law Abiding U.S. Citizens that are now Certified to Carry a Concealed Weapon. 'USA Carry'
  • is just one organization, that has membership of over 10,000. Obtain your Concealed Carry Certification The Omega Defense
  • With Lawmakers and Bureaurocrats like this, You are going to need it. Joining Gun Owners of America is a good start
  • Apparently less Liberal than NRA :>)

  • 28 June 2010:
    The Supreme court just declared 5 to 4, the "Right to Bear ARMS, shall not be infringed" just like Our 2nd Amendment of 'Our Bill of Rights' says. Daly's Chicago Ill. is now preparing a legal assault on the Decision, As will Blomberg and Schummer's New York City and all other Liberal controlled enclaves of the Liberal Leftists. Now that 'anti-gun' Kagan is being set into place, votes like this will most likely be reversed. The Leftists will have control of 'The Supremes'.

    One other note. In the buried back pages of the Albuquerque Journal, they had a very small paragraph describing an attack in another state. The Attacker used a KNIFE to Kill four people. Can you imagine the NEWS coverage, if the Career Attacker had used a GUN? BTW he had done this before.

    Career, Violent Repeat Offenders are the problem, NOT the GUNs. Unless You are Young, Super fast and powerful, also a master of the Martial Arts, You will at one time, need a GUN to protect Yourself and Your Family. The Liberal Leftists and their Media, work day and night 'hysterically' to convince YOU that the GUNS are the problem?.....

    VOTE wisely. Stay Armed. Enjoy life in the USA, "One Nation Under God"

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