Thursday, June 10, 2010

BEES Genetically Improved?

As mentioned in previous posts
  • we have had a hive of wild bees for several years. Their 'Hawk Hive' is a large Hawk house mounted among the shady branches of a Walnut tree. Allowed to work to their hearts content and keep their self generated 'Wealth' of honey, settle their own disputes and elect their own leaders, they have proliferated.

    Nay... this Wild, Freedom Loving colony have done even more, their ability to produce fresh Swarms is highly noteworthy. Two Swarms that we have noticed already this year, were given to a local Beekeeper. Little did they know, that they were going into commercial 'bondage':>) Hive colonies are victims, especially in these times of unpredictable and devastating 'Hive Collapse', noticed by Bee keepers worldwide. The USA is not immune to this latest 'colony collapse disorder' in the world's Bee society. 1/3rd to 1/2 the worlds food depends on Bee Pollination. Their hives can contain up to 100,000 Bees. 'Colony Collapse Disorder' (CCD) manifests itself, when the foraging Bees fail to return to their hives, and are never to be seen again.

    Theories abound of the causes. Some scientists imagine a scenario where the cell phone and microwave systems disorient the hard working little flying machine's navigation systems. Others suspect insecticides or environmental polution, possibly a fungus. Many are investigating Genetically Manufactured crops as the culprit
  • Still other scientists run tightly controlled Field Tests to find hard facts
  • Others suspect microparasites along with the known fungus disease. Australian Bees are now under scrutiny for a disease that could possibly be Exported to other countries. Even Al Gore is excitedly claiming 'Climate Change', as if Bees historically have never ever dealt with 'That'. I can assure you, our neighborhood is urban in nature and has extreme 'climate change', very strong cell service with neighbors spraying whatever on their G.M. vegetation. Just like most city folks, our neighbors do the same things. Our Bees do not say ' Mate' or 'Crikey', so they are presumably not Australian.

    Our own little Bees forage and return each day, and prosper with little difficulty. We do NOT interfere.. Well one neighbor told me they do endlessly sip at his colorful Hummingbird reservoir. He says they are docile and greatly appreciate his efforts. Mostly when he frees them from inside the empty bottle. Dozens of polite little Bees buzz around him, patiently waiting for a 'refill'. One took ten minutes to fully recuperate...while sitting on his hand.

    One thing NOT done on our endlessly productive hive, is 'Harvest' (excessively TAX or Rob) their hard earned and saved Wealth. We allow our 'Heavily Armed' (stingers), individual wild Bees to keep their hard earned Honey, banish or kill their non-productive counterparts, defeat their enemies and function as Nature designed them, no matter how 'unfair' it seems to some people.

    A bee arrives at the entranceway. Another Bee glares into her eyes, checking her scent, identifying her as a 'Productive' Citizen of their hive. If 'all' identity and citizenship criteria is met, 'She' is allowed to enter. Woe be to any alien intruder.. Our rudimentary knowledge of 'The Birds and the Bees' catagorize Bee society as basically Workers, Drones, and Queens... No 'Posers' allowed.

    As the hive becomes crowded due to increased population of a prosperous colony, the workers (female) decide to create a new Queen, 'Royal Jelly' is fed to a particular chosen Female. She grows larger, becomes gorgeous, shapelier and becomes Fertile. The attractive, Drones ('buff' males) 'created' by the workers, then swarm along with the workers and 'New' queen on her sexual mating frenzy (party time).

    At this time, Sex and choosing sides, is the only thing on their mind. Stinging Attacks are not in their Day Planer. People ignorant of this phenomenon, run and scream with terror, calling 911. Absolutely Foolish, but many Fools are among us.

    A Swarm of swooning followers, attracted by her enticing scent (fanned into the air by her loyal cabinet members), excitedly collect around the new Queen. The other workers chose and divide loyalty (election time), between their secure but boring ancestral home or the exciting prospects of a New and uncertain Future with their New Queen.

    Scouts are sent out to locate a suitable dwelling within a reasonable radius of their original home. When the new cavity or shelter is found, they all follow the Scouts directions (the Map dance) and fly away to form a New colony. The few remaining original ancestral home Workers, then begin anew to build a next generation.

    Drones are nurtured by the workers for one reason only..mating. Drones have big dreamy eyes, are larger, muscular and attractive... unarmed and helpless. They cannot even feed or defend themselves. They live for one purpose only.. SEX with the Queen. They are allowed to die quickly afterward. The fertilized Queen stores their sperm in chambers to fertilize her future generations of eggs.

    If the present Queen 'Mother' begins to falter in the egg laying and larva producing department, the Workers quickly raise a New Queen. The New Queen then seeks out and kills (stings) it's own Mother. Sounds harsh, but that's their 'survival designed' DNA at work. Only the workers and Queens have Self Defense weapons, STINGERS.

    In Nature, the Predators have found out the hard way, Don't mess with Bees. They are armed and dangerous. They will sting, even at times giving their own lives in the process. The Africanized Bees, though not yet having the ability to withstand cold temperatures (they don't 'bunch up'), have an ability to communicate and coordinate massive, relentless attack. These attacks to be sometimes deadly to unsuspecting victims who present themselves as an adversary (Robber or IRS :>)

    Again... 'Don't mess with Bees', they are 'Armed' and can defend themselves. Of course professional Bee Keepers understand the ways to circumvent this natural behavior and 'Harvest' a certain percentage of the 'Wealth' of Honey created by the colony. Take too much, and the colony becomes frustrated or malnourished, and collapses..DIES.

    We all know how Bees are one of the major Pollinators to ensure our own production of food. Without them, we are in 'Deep Doo-doo'. Just our own vegetables and fruit production alone would be threatened immensly without Bees. They are so important, as to be 'trucked' to each crop location, needing to be seasonaly pollinated.

    Though not practised (that I am aware) We now have the uncanny and downright scary ability to 'Genetically Manufacture/Engineer' (alter) Bees. Russia does 'selective breeding'
  • To 'Improve'? their Design. Theoretically our talented scientists can now even manipulate the Bees natural DNA to produce Docile, 'Dis-armed' Bees... 'Without Stingers'.
    They would be absolutely safe, no threat or danger, be Fair and all Equal (presumably), forced to get along with others and not disagree (especially with the bigger and stronger). Perceived Utopia would be achieved, wouldn't that be nice.... Or would it?

    Without their own individual Weapons, they would not have any way to dispense with marauding Predators or deal with enemies (colony's external and Internal) of their natural, perfectly designed and balanced society. Birds would quickly discover that Bees were tasty, harmless, easy to catch food particles. Like this natural predator has a talent for doing

  • Any Predator, especially Humans, would have absolutely no qualms about 'Harvesting' the Wealth of Honey (exhorbitant taxation, blatant robbery) from the Helpless, newly 'Disarmed' Bees, rapidly demoralizing their, once prosperous, colonies into disfunction (Zimbabwe) and eventual extinction. The non-productive Queens would be allowed to remain on their thrones until all of their hives totally collapsed of their new and un-natural 'human scientificaly designed' proclivity for weakness.

    Happily for the Bees, the Dis-arming is not being done. Well yes and no, This species of bird disarms Bees... by force
  • There are those in 'This' Government and Media that are tirelessly working to convince society to throw down their 'arms' or have them confiscated under a 'new' UN mandate.

    The results historically have proven a disaster of un-imaginable proportion, far overshadowing Any claims of 'perceived' Safety. BTW Beware when agenda driven Bleeding Heart Media, claims 'Saving Children' from being innocent Victims.. The actual Victim Count is millions of magnitudes greater, 'After' a nation's society is dis-armed..... and Helpless...

    Being a natural survivor (my DNA), I easily see an inherent danger for any productive society to allow itself to become 'Dis-armed'
  • The private ownership of modern, up to date Personal Weapons is inherent to the proliferation of a balanced and healthy society structure. Anyone unclear on the natural tendencies of society, in their quest for unobtainable Utopia, are basically clueless in the concept of continuation of Life on Earth, let alone Freedom.

    Protect Your Family, Remain consistantly Armed FBI Data confirms it effective method to deter Crime
  • . Take a training course, become Certified
  • If comfortable with it, Carry a Weapon.

    As with Natures perfectly designed Bees, "It is better to have a Weapon and Never need it, than to desperately Need it, and NOT have one".

    Enjoy Freedom of Life in this USA, under the Second Amendment of YOUR Bill of Rights. Join The NRA
  • NEVER Ever allow Your Government to infringe upon those Rights. Protect them, "They are Yours", in this "One Nation Under God", "The United States of America"

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