Friday, November 05, 2010

Why a 'Tea Party'? Los Angelas Times

This post is from ROBO of California.

There is an article in the LA LA Times, actually book review, written by the reporters of the Times. The crux of the story is to review of four books written by authors trying to figure out why the Tea Party exists and why real mainstream Americans are upset. One of the books reviewed was written by a learned scholar from the University of California Berkeley.

Right there's a tip that the book will have a strong Marxist point of view. Remember California taxpayers pay for this school.
Bottom line of the books reviewed, is proposing that the Tea Bagger is upset because there are too many rich people in this country making too much money and not enough is trickling down to the "Little Guy".

Sounds like a quote from The Messiah.
I keep trying to figure out how these "Progressive" people think, or don't think. That is the problem, they are incapable of logical, truthful, factual thought. Tired, old, false, opinions rule the neurons and the Liberal/Progressive is incapable of truth.

The Tea Bagger exists because they are the ones working and producing and having the results of their labor stolen from them, and given to the parasites who keep the Liberal/Progressive in office. Simple as that. More reproducers, and fewer producers.

Why would anyone, except a Liberal/Progressive, care what anyone else earns? Is it a case of economic envy? Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, someone else makes more money than I do because they work harder, are smarter, and are responsible adults so the thugs should take it away from them and GIVE it to the "little guy"?

Poverty is at an all time high in this country. Is that because there aren't enough welfare programs? Is it because there are more breeders of welfare because the welfare programs keep the breeders beholden to the Liberal/Progressive? Unemployment is at an all time high in California, companies have left the state, with their jobs and taxes, because they don't like the climate?.... or because they have been taxed and regulated out by the Liberal/Progressive?

The LA LA Times is simply a propaganda rag for the Democratic Party, they have endorsed the democratic slate (and token RINO's) of candidates and every so called progressive proposition on the ballot. It's so nice the way they fall in lock step. They have been running their own polls showing that Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown will be elected.

They are showing that a proposition that will allow a simple majority in Sacramento to pass a budget is winning. That another proposition will allow the law, that the governor signed, puts the state version of 'cap and trade' as a winner.

Both are job and business killers,and the state will sink deeper in debt and lose more real world jobs, just like the nation. Hopefully the LA LA Times is wrong (they weren't). Not that they haven't been wrong before. They loved, no worshiped, Mr Obama. Still do.

They predict partly cloudy and a sunny warm day. It's raining outside (literally) and they don't know it. That's truth and reality.



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