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Post Election California 2010

Posted by Robo in SoCal:

As stated earlier, California still doesn't get it. Could be the majority of voters are already part of the entitlement class that has a vested interest in Big Government.

Much was made about a proposition that would scale back California's own version of Cap and Trade. Had already been voted on by the Democratic Legislature and signed by the Rino governor.

Two Texas based oil companies put up a total of $10 million to help keep California from sinking further into the abyss of ignorance. Clueless Big Oil companies, they gambled and wasted their time and money.

The media blasted the greedy big oil companies with an indignation that would have made Elmer Gantry proud.

What was not reported, until after the elections, was that the environmental, ecological, windmill (a European import) lobby put up over $30 million, more than three times the reportedly 'greedy' oil companies, to Defeat the measure. As a result Californian's will pay more for electricity, gasoline and all other energy products and services. Of course it's always the fault of Bush, Cheney....

Jerry Brown was elected governor. For those who do not remember he held the governor's office once before. For eight years. And guess what, he was a disaster. We had the best FREEway system in the country, until Brown's secretary of transportation, decided (not the voters) that we would all ride buses. Stopped all plans and construction of the FREEway system.

Now if you want freeways like we used to have, you must pay a Toll (note: Australian-Spanish Macquarie-Cintra, increasingly owns the US tollway systems under SCC, a cute name belying the foreign ownership), that's in addition to the increased highway fuel tax, car registration tax, and other taxes that we pay for our roads. 80% of the so called 'mass' transit, is subsidized by the car driving public. (note: Cal-Trans is rapidly facing the aspect of more union retirees and their benefits, than actual workers)

Jerry Brown was also the one who mandated that the public sector (the ones we can no longer afford and are bankrupting the state) should unionize. Can't wait to see what other destruction he can accomplish this time around.

Lest anyone care to blame Arnold as a GOP, don't forget he ran as a movie star and Brown is pretty much keeping Arnold's administration. Tells you a lot. State was 100 days late on the last budget round, came to an agreement and compromise. Lasted 33 days, now already $25 billion in debt,.... and climbing.

Not one member of the California legislature was replaced. In fact one (in Long Beach) died a month before the election and was Re-Elected. There is "Progressive" life after death. The California legislature is proof.

The highest paid teacher in Orange County is a drama teacher in Laguna. $170,527.
The Tustin (Orange County) Unified School Superintendent $428,244.
The head of the Los Angels Government housing authority (oversees the entitlement housing in LA) makes over $500K. (generous retirement packages are approx 90% of pay) And we wonder why we are wallowing in debt?

A few years ago California voted (by initiative process) for stem cell research. At the time it was hailed as a "Progressive" move and that George W. was against stem cell and wanted to kill people and the rest of the "Progressive" 'misinformation'. I voted against it.

George W did not say he was against stem cell research, as the media reported. What he said he was against, is taxpayers 'supporting' stem cell labs and their exhorbitant costs of perpetual experimentation.

Turns out old George W and I were correct. After billions of dollars there is zip, zero, nada to show for the money the tax payers approved. In fact the California stem cell lobby (no special interest of course) wants 3 billion more over 6 years. CAL voters are naively enamored enough to gushingly give it to them.

California also voted itself a high speed rail system that would go from LA to San Francisco. 'Eco friendly' was the reason given. The cost will be in the billions of dollars, IF it ever gets built at all. Meanwhile ECO consultant firms are raking in exhorbitant Fees to do the endless studies to make sure no mouse is endangered.

Now IF it gets built, and I doubt it will, it will cost the Non-subsidized segments of society, a small fortune to take the train from LA to San Francisco. Travel time reportedly to be 3 hrs. Presently, for a relatively small amount of money, one can fly from LA to SF in less than an hour, and it's not taxpayer subsidized. In CAL we call high speed rail "Progressive" think.

We, the enlightened state, were worried about the drug used to execute prisoners on death row. Not that many ever get executed, most die of old age, after years of living at the taxpayers expense. Of course with medical, recreation, and computer access to harass the system with frivolous lawsuits. The bureaucratic courts called for taxpayer funded studies, to prove without a doubt, that the drug was humane. Did the convicted Killers determine beforehand that their victims were Killed humanely? More tax dollars totally misappropriated to 'special Interests'.

All one needs to do is to look at California's economy and it's mounting bureaucrasy saturated debt, loss of non-governmental jobs (the jobs that actually pay the taxes) because of fees, taxes, restrictions and regulations driving industry offshore, then to see that same "Progressive" model being ingrained into Washington D.C., to know why the country is 'Progressively' being spiraled down into oblivion. (note: The Mass Media continues to sing their hymm, "All Is Well, All is Well, In this Hole")

Fortunately a few adults (the Incredibles?) have recently been sent to attempt a rescue of Congress, hopefully they can begin a process of taking the taxpayers credit card (stolen ID) away from the current tax and spend criminal class, and restore a semblance of sanity. Just a semblance, from the electorate disaster that has been ruling us for these last many years.

There are national stories about gasoline hitting $3.00 a gallon. I don't remember when it was not $3.00 a gallon, and climbing to $3.25 and much higher in CAL. Of course it is allways the Fault of Bush, Cheney, etc..

What is needed is to stop fooling ourselves and define Liberal and Progressive as the words were meant to be defined. Not redefined according to the ruling class of despots and their fawning, groveling, Media. Wouldn't hurt either if the schools would stop 'programing children' and could teach the truth, while stimulating awareness and discovery.



Blogger Blogengeezer said...

Following along that theme, The Liberal New Mexico legal system has decided that an inmate that died of colon Cancer did not have quite enough access to the best medical treatment available to some others of society (the 'Entitled').

The Lawyers pounced on that slam dunk Liberal supported 'loophole' and sued the taxpayers. His family now is scheduled to Profit from his death. Gotta 'Love' (and vote for) the US Lawyers, it's Their system and they will sue you if you don't.

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