Sunday, December 05, 2010

Daisy Red Ryder

Wife didn't like Pigeons. She would glare at them all sitting on the roof waiting to get into the bird feeder or the dog food. They would all just sit and stare at her as she waved her arms.

One time she grabbed the old Red Ryder hanging by the back door. She stormed back outside, quickly aimed and fired from 25 yds away. The BB flew on perfect trajectory and squarely hit her chosen Pigeon solid with a loud 'Thwhack' on it's broadside wing.

The gray Pigeon just flapped it's wings once to rearrange it's feathers and defiantly stared at her. I was astonished and said "You hit it, you actually hit it" . She looked back at me and said, "With what?".

I replied, "The BB, you actually hit that Pigeon with the BB". She then said to me with her quizical look, "You always said that this was an Air Rifle". I didn't think it really shot anything.... but AIR"....


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