Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sling Shot Man...Kid

I always carried a slingshot in my back pocket when a kid. Became fairly deadly with it. Was shown how to use and make 'em, by Reverand McCartney from Tex-Arkana. Later he was a teacher and the guidance councilor at EVH for a few years. I first met him years before, when he was the new Preacher at the little white Diamond Lake Methodist Church at 59-A and Diamond Lake Rd. He replaced George McGovern...that's right "The" George McGovern of Presidential run fame
  • Became a senator of....hmmm.. South Dakota? if I recall.

    He and his little family were welcome Sunday visitors at our modest little home. Mom fixed chicken mostly. Often Pheasant (Dad was a commissioned Game Warden). We had hundreds of chickens. Our garden was always growng good stuff for everyone to share with. Dad helped George McGovern out from time to time with expenses. George had been a bomber pilot during WWII. Must have been a good one, made it back to the states and became our Preacher Man.

    After Reverand McGovern, is when the new Preacher McCartney taught me the finer points of the slingshot art. Birds ate our cherrys off the trees, so we 'controlled' them. Friend Larry's dad loved his Purple Martins. They would swoop, twist and spiral through the air like "little friends"... fighter aircraft. Hank, Larry's dad, had a big white Martin house in their 'greeting card scene', front yard. It looked like a portaled and balconied hotel with many rooms. One afternoon, Larry and I were in his terraced front yard. I was jokingly challenged to see if I could shoot a flying bird out of the air. Watching for just the right bird, twisting through the sky, I casually fired off a small rock. Killed it dead midflight and it dropped from the sky into the front yard.

    Larry became instantly petrified. His dad treated those Purple Martins like his kids...even better. Larry ran to the feathered heap, and carefully picked it up. Trying to revive the bird was of no avail. Larry then ran deep into the field with it's lifeless body. Not satisfied to just toss it there, he ran and got a shovel to bury it.... About two feet deep. After burying it, we covered it with weeds to hide the digging spot.

    I only used the sling shot as a defensive weapon on the bad natured (to put it mildly) 'Shady Lane' kids living near Diamond Lake. They would threaten to whup up on me as I walked by them on my way to the lake. Didn't do anything until they started throwing rocks. The trusty slingshot ended their rock throwing pretty quick, with a few, rapid fire, well placed shots, they dispersed (to say the least). Not quite as good as the man below, but Rarely missed. :>)

    Happiness is .... opening the door to see the smiling face of an old friend
    Subject: FW: Sling shot champion
    Possibly the most talented slingshot marksman of all time
    Sling shot Man

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