Saturday, July 02, 2011


As my active, friendly and always exceptionally generous 'Canadian French' grandfather from Quebec, told everyone that asked "How you doin' Frenchy?", following the removal of his gangrened right leg (Heavy lifelong smoker), He always replied to them, "Can't Kick" :>)

Grandfather was the private chauffer for Samuel Insull
  • Afterward he was employed as a transportation supervisor by Insull's marvelous commercial creation, The Commonwealth Edison Company.

    While approaching the entranceway to maintain his own remote rural property on one rainy day, He had noticed a guy in trouble. He stopped the car, got out into the mud then pulled and unstuck the guy with one wooden 'Peg' leg, from the mud road. That unimproved county road passed in front of the land grandfather used for growing fruit trees.

    He then offered the new tool house with bunk, as a sheltered place to spend the night. Quickly my generous grandfather took it upon himself to rescue the disabled man. He brought the guy food every weekend, fixed up the comfortable insulated tool house with a stove, icebox and sink, then payed the Peg leg to provide security watch over the hundreds of trees, berry bushes, grape vines and flowers, as the rural land was remote from the city.

    One day grandfather was working on the front acreage when a truck from the city pulled up to.... "Buy some More trees"?.

    The Peg leg had been selling grandfather's Trees, in order to buy himself some 'Lightnin' (moonshine).

    Grandfather proceeded to kick (Frenchmen do that proficiently) the Peg leg's a$$ all of the way down the long driveway back onto the road where he found him..

    Common Sense Grandfather wasn't ever trained in Politically Correct... 'Sensitivity' :>)

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