Friday, February 17, 2012

The OSCARS of 2012

From Frank Seldin:

In our modern, Fair society, why should one movie "Win" over another movie? All the actors and actresses tried their hardest, as did the producers, directors, camera people, stagehands, etc. Won't it hurt the self-esteem of some, while creating a false sense of Superiority in others, to have declared 'winners and losers'?
Aren't we all winners, just in different ways?

I propose that 'All' movies Equally and Fairly get an Oscar.
Let's just call it a Tie.
Better yet, why even have the Oscars? Isn't keeping score counter-cultural?
It's not that I don't want to recognize the efforts of 'All' the people involved, but there is a bigger issue here, the message we are sending to "our children".

Do we want them growing up thinking they are better, or worse than other children? It's about "The Children" folks!
Now, let's take All the money that would have been spent on this ostentatious, mega extravaganza event, and donate it to Charities that help the underprivileged,
who are needier because of..... bad luck?
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Added note:
While we are at it, there are some big time Hollywood folks making an obscene amount of money. Do They really Need all that money? They often say that 'Others' do not?
Did you see the picture of David Shwimmer's house in the real estate section? ......11,000 sq. ft.,?

He said he and his wife need to move, because they are starting a family.
I can imagine that trying to raise a child or two, in only 11,000 sq. ft. would be awful difficult.

I bet some of those Hollywood folks are making hundreds, if not thousands, of times more than those workers-stage hands, extras, etc. It's just not Fair. They are for Fairness...well are they not?
I would also wager that the taxes they are paying, is a lower percentage than the workers as well.
Isn't that what the media is holding against Romney? Is he judged on a different scale. Jay Leno for instance. Have you seen his 'Garage' on You Tube? Dave Letterman? the entertainer that disparages the 'Rich' conservatives?

Please don't misunderstand, I have no personal vendetta against any of those folks, but this is about sending the right message.
Why must I keep saying it........."It's all about 'The Children"! "It's For The Children"!

The less you know, the better you feel...... Known as willful ignorance.

Obama has been in Orange County, CA for a fund raiser. Why does he keep coming to California? The state is bankrupt,.....well except for the supporters of Obama.
He's going to a home in Orange County for a breakfast at $35,800 a person,.... to meet and greet and have breakfast?

He will be traveling in an entourage of 22 high octane heavy cars and SUVs, along with Air Force One and support aircraft. An Armada that will lay down a carbon footprint comparable to a small city.
As for yourself, don't forget to go green and get a small electric car,..... so the political elites don't have to.

Added Note: Following a massive Interstate traffic jam, countless hundreds of police (unionized), incl fire vehicles (security reasons?) VP Joe Biden just flew out of govt dependency addicted NM with his taxpayer funded entourage, on his own multi-state tour, after a dinner...... $10,000 a plate! (same reason, Democrat re-election funding)

Who gives $10,000 for a dinner? $35,800 to give for a breakfast? The home where held in California, is of a 'real estate broker'. Wonder how much He made from Dodd-Frank-Fannie-Freddie and the taxpayers funded 'Bailout'?
Time for payback to the president and the Democratic party that made it all possible?
I mean it takes a lot to raise a billion dollars.... for re-election,
All from the 'little' guys. $35,800! ?
Must be quite a few union bosses and political officials that can afford that extravagance.

Don't forget, His Majesty relates to the 99%r's,.... except when he's raising $1 billion for re-election. Then he needs the 1%r's.
Don't you find it interesting how the Socialists always 'Use' the Producers for funding their programs?

1st Lesson of Economics: Study of allocation of scarce resources.

1st Lesson of Politics: Ignore first lesson of Economics.

Income tax time is coming. Be sure to give your "Fair Share". The political elites are depending on it. Do you know how much it costs for the "Progressive Parasites" to travel and 'play the roll'? Do you have any idea what it costs the taxpayers, for "The First Family of Parasites" to take their numerous international 'vacations', or countless travel entourages, to re-election 'Fund Raisers? Come on, he needs a billion dollars to get re-elected, it's for the little guy .....and "The Children". Be sure to give your "Fair Share",...... so Progressive Parasites don't have to.

Show me where I'm wrong.

The Robo of Cali


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