Monday, January 16, 2012

Gay Pedophilia Sexual Deviancy

Fiction? exaggeration? You decide.

Landing his beloved new Spitfire
  • after his exciting bombing and strafing runs, no other piloted aircraft in the sky, the solo 'Flying Ace' taxied into the grass hanger. The landing strip was short and required a last second flair, a controlled crash, to land the green Spitfire, so the positive and happy pilot began working to lengthen the grass strip. Being alone on the vacant field, no other air battles were in play.

    The shadow presence of a young man standing overhead was a total surprise to the kneeling little boy. Possibly he was interested in the airfield created in the grass for the little metal airplane? The young man, a 'Special' neighbor as described by naive parents, had on one occasion previously lured the innocent young boy into a shed, unbuckled both of their pants and demonstrated the difference of men and boys.

    Within seconds on that vacant lot, the young man's pants were unbuckled and the man's appendage was forced down the 4 year old boy's throat. Struggling to escape, but overpowered by the young man and after what seemed like an eternity, shock and oxygen deprivation took it's effect.

    After laboriously regaining his breathing abilities, finding himself laying alone on the grass coughing and choking uncontrollably, the little 4 year old boy retreated home and climbed to the safety of his small loft bed.... in silence. Leaving lost forever, not only the once treasured little green Spitfire in it's little grass hanger, but his innocence. Replaced instead by a dark clouded total distrust, disregard for humanity.

    Over the years that undesirable and Forced lesson in human 'Perversion', learned on that fateful day, occasionally returned in vivid detail. Returning to, at times adversely affect the growing boy's concepts of right and wrong, morality. Blurred forever were the at one time clear, dreams of becoming a pilot.

    School, following soon after that incident, became an association with others, where risks of the older boys was always a concern. Fist swinging battles to stay free from their grasps were common. 'Deportment', recorded on a 'report card' became an issue and grades were less than spectacular. A life was changed on that one day, and not for the better.

    Running away to avoid contact with any young men was improved upon. Diving through barbed wire fences, running at higher and higher speeds down railroad tracks, whether by day or night, and crawling through culverts became routine. Especially whenever alone and suspicious young men were entering into a self designated close proximity.

    Miles long, night runs through fields while building endurance, was used as a way to forget envisioned bad experiences that brought on nightmares. The Darkness of deep night 'patrols' became a comforting friend. Climbing high into tall trees gave a means of escape... as well as a scenic view of the countryside :>) 'Never Again' became the mantra.

    One has to even wonder how many young children have failed to survive from an exposure to this form of sexual 'Deviancy'? In many cases, No visible signs of trauma, only an adversely affected brain response, or permanent disability from the oxygen loss? Possibly death from asphyxiation? As escalation of the Deviancy becomes more routine, resulting in the victim's Strangulation? Deadly Beatings to prevent 'telling'? Burial to remove evidence?

    This little boy was fortunate in that respect. How many 'special' neighbors now being given a 'green light' to their Perverted lifestyle, are among society today? Is the negative stigma being gradually removed through a media driven agenda, turning into full acceptance? Promoted as 'Normal'? Beginning in Kindergarten now, Taught in the schools as Normal?

  • Some time later, a public altercation over an unknown issue resulted in the 'Special' neighbor's being 'taken to ground' by another young man. The boy watched emotionless as the humiliation of defeat was administered to that 'Special' young man.

    No hatred, just a hardened blank stare observing the violence being dispensed. Looking down at his belt buckle, the memory of that fateful day on the vacant lot returned. Today would that administered violence be considered a 'Hate Crime'? The young man soon disappeared, most likely into the military, as WWII was in the full heat of battle.

    Over the ensuing years, the all too vivid memories of this undesired exposure to human 'Deviancy', were dealt with by the growing boy. The incident was over time, defensively, logically? dismissed as just another 'aspect of growing up'. Was that a natural form of survival.... and closure?

    One incident in a child's life can affect their opinions for life, either positive or in this case violently Negative. Politics in the USA of today have a way of naively dismissing the now growing and loudly promoted, Sexual Deviancy as "Just another 'Chosen' Lifestyle"?

  • 'Perversion' in any form away from the natural order of life, is immoral and not conducive to an enjoyable and happily functioning society, no matter what the followers of these Cults promote and nurture. NAMBLA
  • is but one of several groups that are organized for promotion of their sexually obsessed deviant, 'Traditional Family destroying' lifestyle. In effect, their own perversion addiction encourages the destruction of others, as well as their own personal relationships. All is done in the name of Their Own 'self' gratification.

    Many other 'Deviancy' promoters are gaining prominence and profit in influencing the Political arena. Their now open display of hatred is noteworthy. Vicious and distasteful in every form, they attack all other forms of predominantly normal human decency, using arguments based on their own sexuality. A behavior Dysfunctional in nature's description.
  • added note June 2012: Jerry Sandusky (Penn State) very well, to perfectly, fits the description of the Perverted individual that 'inserted' himself into that young male's life, drastically changing his previously innocent view of the world...for the rest of his life.

    Any candidate for public office is fair game, If he or she voices concerns about the degradation of society. Politicians themselves are often caught in these same acts they are presumed to be against. Lately they are forgiven and actually promoted because of their 'uniqueness' and diversity? Especially if they are of a certain 'free thinking' liberal based party. What has happened to our Nation? What agenda is being taught in public education to our future voters? Deviancy and Perversion is now viewed and worse yet presented in entertainment media as a valued 'Diversity'?

    At least one value was gained from that child's encounter with the dark side of human tendencies. A lifelong interest in 'Self Defense'. That Omega ability to thwart an unwelcome intrusion into his/her personal and family life. Add to the formula a honed 'Awareness' of suspicious, society degrading activities, whether in the 'News' or on the neighborhood streets.

    A strong 'Faith' has been the only saving grace for countless people worldwide. An acceptance, a Faith, an inner ability to deal with the negative incidents in their past, present and Future.

    The future of the greatest nation the world has ever known, is at stake. Vote like Your Life depended on does, in this "One Nation Under God", the United States of America.

    This difficult and controversial post may or may not remain, depending on response. It may 'Take the Pulse' of the USA and determine whether it is Morally alive....or Comatose and in desperate need of 'Restructuring'..

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