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Progressive History

Guest post: by The ROBO of Cali.

I certainly grew up learning that anyone could become president of the United States, no matter ones education, or socio/economic status. In my life time I have witnessed first hand that this is true.

This country (USA) went from such noble presidents such as Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Reagan, then in the other direction, to Lyndon B. Johnson, schoolteacher and architect of the so-called "Great Society", another welfare give away 'redistribute the wealth' program.

Jimmy Carter, peanut farmer and person most responsible for the problems in the Middle East, when he allowed the Shah of Iran to be deposed, ignoring the signs leading to the American Embassy being raided, while Americans in residence (ordered by State Dept, to 'wait and see what happens') predictably became hostages (note: Hostages of the now notorious 'Ahamadinejad', the young Iranian 'Radical' activist at that time).

Added blog note:
Jimmy Carter (D) and Bill Richardson (D) traveled to North Korea under Bill Clinton's (D) agenda. Their 'gift'? Nuclear technology, including the financial means of initiation/support, for humanitarian reasons of course. The same Nuclear technology NK has often used as a threat to intimidate the USA.... for ever more 'support'. The same Nuclear technology they use to 'assist' nuclear obsessed Iran. Interesting how some plans work out.

It took the swearing in of (no nonsense) Ronald Reagan to have the US Embassy hostages released from Iran. Finally, as absolute proof that ANYONE can become President of the United States of America, we have Barack Hussein Obama, an Affirmative Action Community Organizer, who as far as anyone can tell (records are sealed), never did a productive thing in his life. Living off the taxpayers, is not a productive thing.

'PROGRESSIVES' now totally control the historically freakish Nanny State, complete with it's government-union sanctioned cities-thugocracies.
I think that about covers it, right?

In every over taxed, over regulated, over lawyer-ed Mecca, with decades of one party rule, by those who act like political royalty, while buying votes with dependency programs, you'll find the exact same final outcome.

Totally Bankrupt, crime ridden urban slums, chasing away every last honest productive citizen, while attracting criminals, along with perpetually subsidized, entitled deadbeats.

Chicago, Detroit, Newark, Camden, Philly, New Orleans, Baltimore, LA, Oakland and Haiti. With the above cities named, care to make a wild guess which political party has controlled them for decades? Same philosophy for Haiti.

Remember the myths fostered on to the gullible public by our educators and politicians, 'Myths' that have been Proven Wrong?

Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" which fostered the environmental movement.
UN Climate Change head, Chordouri's prediction of
Himalayan ice melt. Kilimanjaro snow melt.
Al Gore's hysterical 'Coastal Flooding'.
East Anglia (Grant, donation and taxation supported)
Universal Global Warming hysteria.
Michael Mann's "Hockey Stick" graph.

All of the above were hailed by the Media as gloom and doom... unless... man sacrificed himself on the altar of Political Correctness and the PROGRESSIVE Party. All of the above have been proven False, but don't let the truth and facts get in the way of feelings and emotions. We'll always have Bush to blame.

The Global Warming Scam will go down in history as the second greatest hoax perpetrated in the 20th Century on the gullible public. The first was Orson Wells radio broadcast of H.G. Wells, "War of the Worlds". That hoax only lasted one night and cost the taxpayers nothing.

Global Warming has been going on for decades, and costing the victimized taxpayers, worldwide, 'trillions'... money stolen and wasted while enriching 'special interests'.

Gas prices in California now exceed $4.50/gal. and in some places are already over $5.00 a gallon. Joyously approved and encouraged by 'Energy' Secretary, political appointee 'CHU'
  • Oh where, oh where, is George Bush when we need him? I forgot, we can still blame him...... Hypocrite Progressives!

    Stalin's collectivization, Hitler's Holocaust, Mao's Cultural Revolution, Pol-Pot's Killing Fields, Idi Amim's rampages, Robert Mugabe's death dealing 'Fairness and Equality'. Is there a common thread with these LEADERS of Proven failed philosophy? How about trying, "Government Knows Best." That historically disastrous, 'PROGRESSIVE' Agenda about sums it up.

    Show me where I'm wrong.

    The ROBO of Cali.

    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Steven Chu, Obama's head of the Department of Energy. When Obama took office, Chu said "He hoped that the price of gasoline would go up to the levels in Europe".

    That would Force the naive voters of Obama, and the non-voters of Obama, to go "Green" as dictated by Big Brother.

    Now the price of gasoline is going Up (dollar goes down?) and Mr. Chu may get his wish.

    With an election at stake, Mr. Chu now says he 'doesn't hope' the price of gasoline goes up to European price levels.

    Is this an, "I wished for it, before I wished against it" moment? Couldn't be that there's an election coming could it?
    Time to shut down this $27 billion/year waste of taxpayers money.

    Don't forget to pay your "fair share", the parasites are depending on it.

    Show me where I'm wrong.
    The Robo of Cali

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