Monday, March 19, 2012

Chicago Shootings ...and others

In answer to the latest MSNBC comment thread on the reasons for the recent Chicago shootings, followed by the comments that we just are NOT Throwing Enough Money at the problem? I submitted my own comment... in utter disgust.

The expected results of 'The War on Poverty' intertwined with 'The Great Society'. How many Trillions of US 'printed' dollars have we, as a caring nation of Producers, thrown down the bottomless rat hole of 'Poverty Infested' humanity in the USA? It has predictably resulted in abnormally outrageous numbers of illegitimate children from Totally Dysfunctional, Non-traditional, Dependency Addicted ...'Families.?.. and I use that govt mandated word with disdain. In the Dependency Addicted Class, as among a running pack of feral dogs, their term 'family', has absolutely No meaning.

In the name of compassion, we have created an overwhelming amount of 'Free Time' for the predictable Spawn (more kids, the more Free money) to 'Entertain' themselves at the Deadly expense of others. Illegitimacy now outnumbers conventional Traditional Family births in this present time USA. This present US President (himself a product of a Dysfunctional Family) was definitely elected by his Peers. Do you ever wonder why he carries so much deeply hidden hatred for the Traditional Family?.

His own Peers now outnumber the Traditional Voters, by enough to Elect the president of this USA. The US Welfare state is also attracting the scourges en-mass from the entire world. After all, they can Vote to take ever more asset wealth away from the 'producers'. How many can the remaining productive class support? Time will be the judge. In the meantime, practice extreme OMEGA self defense and preservation. As the funding predictably drys up, life will get 'dicey'.... to say the least..

The Progressive Liberal Left USA, awash in Dysfunctional, Federal and state funded Welfare, including housing subsidies, EBT Cards, Forced educational grant 'Cash' in the pretense of Rehabilitation, and taxpayer funded legal fees including perpetual 'Counseling', has multiplied the numbers of Career Repeat Offenders into the stratospheric category of history.

The monstrously bloated US Welfare Class, has now caused even South America to be devoured into the bottomless pit of the insatiable US Drug trade (they are the major suppliers, in case you have not heard) Every US Dollar of it, afforded and distributed by, the 'Time on their hands' Dysfunctional Class of US Citizens (and now increasing 'Illegals'). After all, they do Vote... to receive ever more Funding.

This purposeful Devastation of a once prosperous and Free society, is unprecedented in history, unless you consider the European encouragement of the Opium thrown at China, to subdue their people a hundred or so years ago. Is this a plan? Destroy the USA's historically productive... 'Traditional Family'... structure? If so, it couldn't be more 'PROGRESSIVE'.

In a city and state well known among Law Abiding Citizens for it's Total Intolerance for firearms in the hands of the Law Abiding, this outcome is easily realized. Do you actually think that the UN, by forcing laws (ref: 'National League of Cities') to register, then confiscate, then destroy firearms ('Small Arms' confiscation under Hillary Clinton and Obama's endorsement), is going to stop deadly violence?

If so, maybe the Congo or Sudan is the place to learn how it really functions. Zimbabwe was the poster nation for disarming the Productive class (now dead) under the blessings of National Socialist Robert Mugabe (blessed by the National Socialistic UN) in his Fairness and Equality... Media portrayed (TIME Newsweek) Utopia. BTW, after creating Zimbabwe's totalitarian dependency, 'they' never seem to mention it any more. I wonder why not? Of course as 'handbooks' espousing the wondrous miracles of the Leftist mentality, I really know why.



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