Monday, April 30, 2012

'Stand Your Ground'- George Zimmerman

The rapidly expanding state by state, Law of  "Stand Your Ground' when under attack",  is itself under Politically Biased attack, across the nation and now including by the UN, lawsuit against Florida, for a Liberal Leftist 'Agenda' driven reason (Disarm the USA).

I have been posting comments on the numerous web sites,
 including CNN the liberal bastion.
Here is 'one' of my comments.... Overall receiving very positive response, which is somewhat surprising.

"I noticed that no one in Media this week, uttered a Peep. The Media silence was deafening, as.... 'Bryan Clay'.... a young 'Black' Repeat Offender, known for (15 APR 2012, 50 year old woman dragged from street) Violent Rapes...... young 'Bryan Clay' Attacked the Martinez family in their own home. The innocent 'Hispanic' family, in Las Vegas Nev. Bludgeoning the father into submission (hospitalized), Raping the 38 year old wife Ignacia Martinez.... 'and' 10 year old daughter Kayla Martinez as Bryan Clay... Bludgeoned them To Death.
 Oh yes, now I understand...No 'gun' involved. No United Nations lawsuit? Al Sharpton? Rev Jesse Jackson? 'New' Black Panthers? ..President... 'If I had a son, he would look like..... Bryan Clay"? ... Stand Your ground? why not just lay on the, now dead, innocent little child, 10 year old Kayla Martinez, as she was being Brutally Raped"?
 Guest post addendum:
Reminder, if you think that was bad, wait until the Zimmerman-Martin trial. The uncivilized savages went on a rampage 20 years ago and looted and destroyed parts of LA that were Never rebuilt. 
The reason for the rampage and looting, was because an Impartial jury, that was presented 'ALL' of the Facts, found police officers NOT-GUILTY, in the beating of another uncivilized savage, Rodney King. The uncivilized savage, put people's lives in danger with his reckless driving, while under influence of Drugs and Alcohol in a Violent combination.
 Rodney King kept trying to escape the police, then physically attacked 'Them', after he was stopped. A bystander taped the entire incident, a TV station (mainstream media) trimmed 'Edited' (as Media did with 911 call from Zimmerman) the part of instigator Rodney King's actions, so all the 'naive' (I'm being kind) US viewers saw, was the police finally going 'whack'. Inflammatory Main Stream Media, as is their Agenda driven custom, conveniently failed? to show the entire segments of video tape, showing body builder, hyper drugged King, lifting the officers and throwing them, as one would a rag doll.
 In fact the police should have gone BANG, BANG. The usual trouble makers with very small, self motivated, agenda driven intellect, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, 'demanded' justice and Revenge. When a gang of savages dragged Reginald Denny from his truck, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and crushed his skull with concrete blocks BECAUSE he was a Honkey/Cracker, Jesse Jackson called only for 'forgiveness'?
 53 lives were lost, because of the savages always predictable Rampage, Billions in damages (justified because some were liquor stores, that the PC agenda some how blamed for the savages behavior). George Bush I called for a retrial of the police (double jeopardy?), because federal laws MAY have been broken.
 GB1 was up for re-election..... He lost. I did Not vote for him the second time, because He pandered to the ignorant savages. One of the police officers went to prison for doing his job (he wrote a book), Rodney King was awarded..... $3.8 million. Rodney King has since been arrested and released numerous times, for numerous laws broken, was last known dating one of the Black African jury members, who awarded him the $3.8 million in tax payers money. Latest article on King is that he is broke (needing another lucrative, deep pockets taxPayer racial 'incident'?). A fine upstanding model of the Black African community, from which the current president of the United States, was a 'Community Organizer', in Chicago.
IF a jury finds Zimmerman (Hispanic Honkey Cracker, sort of) innocent in the self defense shooting of Travon Martin (African) the Honkey Crackers in this country will desperately need the... "Stand Your Ground".... laws to defend 'Themselves'. Don't expect the police or military to defend you. It would not be the first time the Black African community would go on a rampage. 
I don't know what the 'revisionist history' books teach now, but in the mid-late 60's the (Communist instigated) African communities went on a rampage in cities all across the country and "Burn baby Burn".
 That was the motto of the obviously influential Old Black Panthers. Different generation, same with the Beret wearing, anger infested 'New' Black Panthers. It would be the same next time. Some things Never change, certainly nothing has changed with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Barack Obama, and the other Black African leaders with big mouths and little intellect. (Add in: Now the UN with it's unprecedented in US History, lawsuits against individual US 'states', and this nation is in trouble, Deep Historically Unprecedented Trouble)
Show me where I'm wrong.
The Robo of Cali


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