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Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, Ms Fluke

Guest Post:

By now everyone in the country knows that an African-centric youth (fraudulently depicted across national media, as a ten year old innocent little boy) was shot and killed by a non-African-centric because maybe the 6' 3" African-centric football player was beating down on the Non-African-centric...overweight Hispanic? Anyway the African-centric, Trayvon Martin, was shot (note: in self defense) and the African-centric crowd is up in arms, literally (note: as we often said 'back in the day'...Going Ape).

What you are sure to hear (?) from the Fairness and Equality-centric media, very soon, is that Saturday, in a suburb of Los Angeles, an African-centric walked into an electronics shop, put two bullets into the senior Honkey-centric's head, killing him.... then walked out with some electronics gear.

There was a customer that the honkey-centric was talking to at the time, video surveillance Positively identified the African-centric killer, who was apprehended with the stolen property. (note: racist security cameras?)

I'm sure any moment now, President Obama will be making a White House podium, impromptu statement, that the African-centric killer "looked like his son".... "if he had a son". I know that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Karen Bass and the rest of the Afro-centric community are on their way to Los Angeles airport, to conduct violent Demonstrations denouncing the killing of a senior Honkey by an Afro-centric kid.

I am certain that the 'new' Black Panthers are printing up "wanted dead or alive" posters for the Afro-centric killer. Of course the Afro-centric killer is captured, but hey, need to get the attention of 'their media'.

What? This story won't be in the headlines for weeks on end? Why is that? Just another day in the Hood? Afro-centric shoots Honkey cop. No demonstrations? Just anther day in the Hood? Honkey cops should 'stay out' of 'the Hood'. What, you didn't see this story? Why it was 'Barely' reported in LA CAL.

Yes! Prejudice, Racism, Vigilante justice, and Mob rule is alive and well in the U.S. Just ask the president of the United States and his lock step 'Liberal Leftist' supporters.

One more point about Sandra Fluke, the 30 year old law student who requires thousands of dollars in birth control devices (must be Really popular?), paid for by the tax Payers, while she finishes her three years of law school.

Ms. Fluke is a Socialist/Liberal/Progressive/Democrat activist... self admitted. So, remember, if you Pay taxes, when Ms. Fluke finishes law school, contraceptive devices or no contraceptive devices, you the tax payer are going to be screwed.
(Possibly why Kathleen Sebellus HHS, is offering Free Sterilizations?)

Michael Mann, famous author of Global Warming or Climate Change (take your pick of terms, depends on the whims of the authors for that day) and the famous Hockey Stick graph, that shows we as humans are all doomed unless we humans cease our existence and close down anything that creates CO2.

One of his credentials for the justification of his research, is He received a Nobel Peace Prize. I certainly wouldn't use that as justification for Any research study. Other prized winners include Jimmy Carter, Yasser Arafat, Al Gore, and Barack Obama.

I understand that certain banks give one out with every new account opened and that a local gas station gives one out with every truck fill up?

There may be a bit of 'record' warming in the States, though now it's 'record' Cooling in Northern Europe. The point is, will it be catastrophic and caused by trucks, as Mr. Mann and some of his colleagues believe?

Or is this just another 'Chicken Little' scare tactic, to keep the research dollars flowing and to appease the Eco/Enviro Nazi's, who contribute so much money to the Democratic Party? Of course you won't see The Great Messiah Ever driving a $39,000 Volt. Of course he is planning on giving $10,000 of Tax Payers money to 'Every' buyer?

I have a correction to make. I have accused the Enviro lobby and the EPA (it's the same), of banning light bulbs, and other devices. I was corrected, the EPA did not ban 'certain' light bulbs, they just set energy standards, as per the requirement in the U.S. Constitution? Requirements that the bulbs couldn't meet? What a concept! Why didn't I think of that?

We can solve our gas prices by demanding that ALL of the world's car manufacturer's build cars that get 50-75-100 miles per gallon of government formulated gasoline. All Obama has to do, is to sign the Mandate, 'miles per gallon law' becomes so. He could correct the high gas prices in 24 hours with just the signature of a writing instrument on an electronic document. He doesn't even have to be in Washington, he could be playing golf, campaigning, filling out his college basketball card, on vacation, or any other important activity.

What other problems do we have? Unemployment, just pass another law, sign it, 'Voila' unemployment Gone. War? pass a law outlawing (that) war, Obama sign it and no more War. Islamic terrorism? Pass a law and Obama sign it. Should have thought of this solution to the country's problems three years ago. We could be living in a worker's/welfare paradise by now. Pass a law mandating product requirements, behavior of Manufacturers and "Instant paradise". Oh, wait. He already did this. Well, just be patient, and the promised 'workers paradise' will come to you..... Unless you work and Pay Taxes.

Show me where I'm wrong.

The Robo of CALI

Added note by Blogengeezer:
Breaking News, according to NAGR, Hillary Clinton just 'Signed' the UN 'Small Arms Ban'. The type of weapons owned by 80% of the Law Abiding US Citizens are to be 'Banned'. History records prove that a 'Fast and Furious' Eric Holder type 'Confiscation' will certainly follow, After a few political Gymnastics of course. Only a Democrat Senate Majority confirmation, 'OR' a signature by the 'Executive Order' In Chief' will formally Mandate this unprecedented, Forced 'Disarmament' of the Law Abiding USA Citizenry.

The United States of America's Constitution, Your Bill of Rights and Your 2nd Amendment, are now relegated to the Trash Bin of History. Only the liberal Leftists, the 'Progressives' of National Socialism, rejoice in this unprecedented, 'Revolutionary' turn of events.

This related document, Unprecedented in it's scope in US History, is indicative of what the word... POWER... means in real terms. Note the date of signing: Executive Order 'signed' 16 Mar 2012

  • Added note: The UN is now 'Involved' in the Agenda Driven Political Fiasco of Divisive Race baiting and Disarmament of the US Law Abiding Citizenry. Their DEMAND for Perorations for the Travon Martin shooting is totally Unprecedented in our sovereign nation. Once Sovereign...before Obama mysteriously came into POWER. What can happen next? Time will tell. Progressive News Media, 'Newsweek' and 'TIME' will surely lead you...down the dismal road they led Rhodesia.

    Just be sure that if you do nothing but Vote, VOTE Like YOUR Life Depends on it.
    ..It Does.
    Believe In YOUR United States of America,
    "One Nation Under God".

    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    Read this morning in the 'news' that 'Back pedaling' Main Stream Media is now referring to George Zimmerman as a 'White-Hispanic' Rather than their first raging inflammatory lunacy, as a 'White man' killing a young innocent 'Black Boy'. Interesting that no one refers to this sitting president (the one getting involved in 'Every' 'Black' issue he deems 'election' voter worthy, as a 'White-Afro-American'. So much AGENDA involved in this insider Attack on Our USA, Our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Our 2nd Amendment.

    8:25 AM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    KKK WERE White Thugs in white hoods that were Democrats.

    New (or Old) Black Panthers ARE Black Thugs in black Hoodies that are Democrats.

    When was the last time anyone saw a KKK rally? When was the last time anyone saw a KKK member? The last KKK member I remember was a U.S. Senator from West VA who was regarded as the king of pork. He was able to funnel US tax dollars into his state at a huge disproportionate rate of tax dollar his state sent to Washington.

    I am of course referring to Robert Byrd, Democrat Senator from 1959 to 2010. Of course as far as I know the KKK is defunct however, the same program of hate, racism, vigilante justice, lynch mob mentality, and complete ignorance of a civilized society is alive and well with the New Black Panthers.

    Funny, this group operates with the sanctions of the Department of Justice and is not renounced by President Barack Obama. Is that because they deliver the votes he needs? The New Black Panthers are offering a reward of $10,000 for the Hispanic/White (is that an oxymoron?) who shot and killed an African-centric teenager.

    Of course the Hispanic/White may have been defending himself from the African-centric teenager but that fact is of little use to the New Black Panthers. Where did they get the $10,000 to offer as a reward? Aren't most of them on welfare? I'm serious. Is there a government agency giving the money?

    Is this earned drug money? Would be interesting to find out. Where is the media outrage? Where is the White House outrage?

    Interesting how the EPA is eliminating anything, by bureaucratic edict, containing carbon; electricity,cars, paint, exhaled breath, as being bad and polluting for carbon based creatures, that would be us.

    Lisa Jackson, Afro-centric appointed head of the EPA, I assume got her Affirmative Action degree in Junk Science.

    No one explains how CO2 is bad, just that it is. No one explains how carbon for us carbon based creatures is bad, it just is. Simply make the claims and the very ignorant media and the so called education system will follow in lock step.

    The education system in the U.S. Ah, yes, something to be proud of. We spend more on education and get the least of any nation on the planet. In Cincinnati some undeserved schools pay students $25/ per week to seniors, to come to class and stay out of trouble. Lower classes get $10/week per student.

    Similar programs are in Washington D.C., and Camden, N.J. I think it's a sorry state of affairs when you have to pay someone to take your FREE product. That says a lot about the product (education). Are these the breeding grounds for the New Black Panthers and the future leaders of this country?

    Ask Barack Obama, he has the answers! Your tax dollars at work.

    Show me where I'm wrong.

    The Robo of Cali

    8:33 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    NBC has just 'apologized' for Fraudulently Editing the recorded events as they transpired on the night in question. Reuters of all people, caught them in major Editing malfeasance. NBC did this in collusion with other Main Stream Media, for obvious Agenda driven purposes. The ensuing mass demonstrations are directly attributable to the Fraudulent Media, Promoting Race Baiting. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the 'New' Black Panthers and Their $10,000 reward for killing George Zimmerman, are ALL attributable directly to the perpetually fraudulent Media.

    7:26 PM  
    Blogger Blogengeezer said...

    George Zimmerman has now been granted bail of $150,000. A secure place is imperative to be arranged, due to a 'Bounty' placed on him, Dead or Alive, by 'The NEW' Black Panthers. You remember? They are the 'Security' that 'Bullied' and threatened voters in the last elections?. Al Sharpton is their 'Thug' racist Leader.

    If ever 'Stand Your Ground' is necessary, it is in today's Insane World. Demand it be retained... for YOUR Own safety.

    There are unimaginably countless miscreants now encouraged to roam among today's society, and 'Your 2nd Amendment' is Your Only Defense. Protect that 2nd Amendment, Your Life,as well as Family, is at stake.

    11:09 AM  

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