Friday, September 21, 2012

US Ambassador Christopher Stevens violent slaughter.

When I first heard of the US Libyan embassy being over run and burned, I thought, why were we not aware of the 9-11 anniversary probability for violence from the Islamic world? Then I was informed (led to believe) by trusted US Media regurgitating administration dogma, that an obscure amateur Indie film, degrading to Islam's mohammed, was to blame. Truths are gradually emerging from those involved, that suggest a deeper agenda and it's unforeseen, now tragic series of events.

The film came out in July. Why did it take so long for violence and destruction, resulting from mob mentality (workplace violence? that could have been prevented by dis-Utopian 'gun control'?), to bring about the death of the US citizens serving abroad? I then searched the net and found the now viral film. Reasoning for 'this' government to suspend/restrict/control 'Freedom of Speech', as the Liberal Los Angelos Times demands?

From what I already knew of Islam and mohammed, the facts depicted were correct as recorded in history. The uncompicated message was delivered in visual (video) form, which serves to somewhat educate those not able to comprehend the written texts of an educated society. Being a simple low cost project, it was Not viewed by many at the time of it's quiet release.

The images of United States Ambassador Christopher Stevens, being dragged half naked and beaten, through the streets of Benghazi by factions of 'The Religion of Peace' are NOT shown on Main Stream Media, for some unexplained reason.

This sitting president is instead on the campaign trail, distancing himself from the event and instead blaming and ridiculing the candidate that is running against him? The 'ridiculous', is apparently gaining in acceptance across the newly gullible 'dumbed down' USA. 'Jay Walking' (Leno) was popular.... until Liberal NBC finally realized it's revealed message of astounding ignorance, was increasingly common in California and the USA.

While observing the Chicago teachers Union Strike, I realized the problem is the usual reliance on government for sustenance and omnipotent guidance. 'The Great Society'... created an immense faction (the 47% being the voting majority in today's USA) of Perpetually Dependency Addicted 'Subjects' across America. At one time the educators of the US children, stressed the ability for sustainable production and financial responsibility to survive.

 Somewhere along the way, the teaching morphed into Dependency and 'sharing'.... to the point of Keynesian economics Communism, so much endeared today. Dependency on government.... for All of the 'subjects' needs. Orwell's '1984' described it precisely. BTW Orwell, a British 'Subject', died in depression in California. He thought that his Marxist 'Utopia' was not occurring enough.

What happened to the US 'Citizens' self sustaining themselves, their families, their Morals? 'The Great Society' brought into the USA by Lyndon B Johnson (D) in the 1960's, did no one any favors.  The resultant monthly gratuity bestowed by government tax Payers, ensured dysfunctional family structures, which in turn led to the Feral 'associations' now mainstream and thus bringing about the USA's dubious distinction of 'Career Repeat Offenders'. Of course their supportive Lawyers, of which the USA is now home for 70% of the entire world's supply, endlessly feed from the taxPayer's funding.

Only 25% of children born in the USA of today are raised in Traditional Families. Morals were somehow disregarded and ridiculed by Marxist leaning Academy professors, along with the main tenant of the once remarkable USA, it's relationship to God and Christianity since it's unique creation, rising out of bondage subservience to the Crown of the 'old world'.

Now we are unwittingly being led to believe that the road to National Socialism is paved with yellow bricks...of gold. Fact is that National Socialism has a deadly history of forced 'sharing'.... of misery. 100 million and counting, 'Victims' of National Socialism are begging to tell their story.....from their graves.

As the number of Perpetually dependency addicted voters crosses over the 50% mark, the administrations They elect, will be forever locked in POWER. Power that has historically resulted in totalitarian destruction of the Traditional Family and the society National Socialism has virally 'infected'. The 'cycles' have been repeated so often in history, that any attempt to glorify National Socialism as Utopia, is met with deserved derision by those that study it.

One only had to watch the DNC taking it's vote to eliminate... or restore God and Israel to it's platform. The resultant echo's of NO against acceptance of God and Israel, were obvious. The DNC platform is on the path of destruction described in the Bible numerous times, as the children of Israel repeatedly turned away from their protector.

BTW This sitting president with the remarkably undocumented past, is doing exactly what his National Socialist handlers have programmed him to do. DNC enablers, Peter Lewis and George Soros are referred to as 'PROGRESSIVE', Forward leading 'Philanthropists' by their controlled media. ANY conservative donors are Not recognized as such, instead being 'Investigated' by the 'new' presidentially empowered IRS, as manipulators, for supporting the RNC.

The future is going to be difficult (to say the least), as the USA is being easily turned away from the one true God represented by Jesus Christ, who has served the miracle of the USA faithfully since it's inception and now being rapidly turned toward Allah, the moon god of violence and destruction. One nation under God was a miracle. The world predicted in the Bible, spawned by Ismael under Allah, is a rapidly culminating historical Disaster.

Vote 2012 Like YOUR Life Depends on it, It Does. One  Nation Under GOD, The United States of America.


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