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The Fall of the United States

  • The Fall of the U.S.A.‏

9/12/13 Guest posts copied from AOL email (among others) seemingly censored? This sitting president's name seems to elicit algorithms to detect and enable censorship? Is this only certain postings? Or is 'New' Blogger super sensitive?

Welcome to Buenos Aires on the Potomac. Our personality-driven, politically correct, and rabidly partisan politics are finally catching up with us.
(Neatly conflating our deadly superficial politics and debased popular "culture," just other day the Huffington Post (AOHELL) ran a byline story reporting that Madonna says we should stay out of Syria. Seriously. We're supposed to consider an entertainer whose shtick the last 30 years has been to behave like a streetwalker on and off stage is someone whose opinion on foreign policy should be reported with a straight face and be taken seriously.)
Note from Robo: She's as good as anyone in the Obama administration. My apology to streetwalkers.
Obama was unfit for the office he was elected to in 2008, and he is unfit for the office now. This is not a partisan statement. From TARP to Obamacare to the Budget to Benghazi to Syria, can anyone make a case that this is a person serious about managing our domestic and foreign affairs, never mind the lighter lifting like setting a tone of high-mindedness and civility in our public discourse? Evidence, please.
And if there are persons in his administration capable of appealing to the better angels of his nature-if there be such-and making of him, through a team effort, as serious and wise administrator of the executive branch, where have they been hiding for the last four-and-one-half years?
By all means, appeal to our leadership class's better instincts, but in the end whether something can come of it depends on the quality of the human being who comprise it. And right now, looking at all the major players, I don't see anyone or any group of people who give any sign of getting our economy rolling again or protecting our national interests abroad. I would like to say differently, but I think this especially applies to the guy in the White House. It's not in him, and it's not in the people around him.
Robert Steckler
When one looks at the minions surrounding Obama, their blatant and consistent willingness to lie, to subvert (and to blame) it doesn't bode well for our nation, at all. You and I understood this from well before November 2008: now the world has taken off the rose colored glasses and can see the emperor has no clothes. Except this isn't a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tail and it looks more like we are heading for an un-edited Brothers Grimm type of ending.
It isn't funny and it isn't going to change because the thinking that put us where we are is the same thinking Obama and Company) being used to solve our problems.
Robin Leigh
How did the administration fumble the issue on Syria?
Aug. 2012- president draws a red line, those were his words.
March/April 2013- Syria used chemical weapons crossing the red line-minimal causalities-no comment from the administration.
Aug. 21, 2013- Chemical weapons used again, ie: 1400 dead.
Obama calls for action-described as limited strikes -speech #1.
Kerry calls for action.
Obama says stop-need to let Congress vote (did he forget about Congress before speech #1?)
Kerry calls for action. Obama says it is not his red line
Kerry has verbal diarrhea and says it may be okay if they give up their weapons.
Obama in several interviews, latches onto this concept-says trust and maybe verify (?).
What is the policy?
Keith Dowling
Remember it was Kerry, who as presidential candidate, displayed the Vietnam War medals he won for battles never fought and the same medals he burned before un-burned them. Same Kerry who voted for Afghanistan and Iraq wars before he voted against them. A true parasite who lives on the fortune of ketchup.
Voters in 2008 voted for Obama and chose color over competence.
Voters in 2012 voted for Obama and chose freebies over integrity.
The city of Compton, CA (a suburb of Los Angeles) has voted itself a new mayor.
All of the qualifications for office are listed:
African-The most important, that will get votes to any office as proven by the Obama voters.
Female-Here's another major point, being African female will get you anywhere.
Vogue-Had appeared in Vogue magazine. Not a major qualification but coupled with the above two almost didn't need an election.
Community Organizer-This is the clincher. Community organizer along with the above you may as well be seeing the next president of the United States if the Democrats have anything to say about it.
By the way, if one hasn't already guessed, Compton has one of the highest crime rates in the city, not THE highest, but one of the highest. Guns are not allowed, that's why there is almost a shooting a day. But then this is not news.
Show me where I'm wrong.


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