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Weiner's Women

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 This post was rec'd in email. It pertains to the attitude of acceptance, for some unexplainable reason, now running rampant across the United States of America...

"How do you comprehend ANY WOMAN getting past Weiner's evil face and narcissistic ego"?! HOW? Not to mention flirting with him, much less engaging in sexual conversation with a total stranger, one who is disgusting and lewd? And then, God FORBID, looking at those pictures and continuing to have interaction with him, on and on... ad nauseum? To make it even worse, there were multiple WOMEN doing so.

 Attention, Women:
 "A woman without discretion is like a pig with a gold ring in its snout."
 The Book of Proverbs
 Holy Bible, Book Divine

 THINK ABOUT THE SICKNESS IN THE MAN! The perversion in Weiner was once called a crime (exhibitionism) and considered a threat to the safety of women and children, therefore, warranting incarceration. It is currently considered AT LEAST a psychological disorder. And did any of you women notice he wants pornographic attention from as many women as he can get (that's what exhibitionists do--"Once is Never Enough.")? It's sick! Why would any woman stoop so low to give attention to a man like Weiner?

 Does anyone remember 'ALL THE LIES' Weiner gave, in denying his perverse behavior when he was a Senator?! Why would NYC want him in office? He's a security threat to the public. And a menace to public decency. Men still get arrested for exposing themselves, unless it's on the Internet. Is there ANY DIFFERENCE in the behavior, except the forum of exposure?

 And that's only the beginning of my righteous indignation. Is this the level of class, character, and dignity, America demands in public officials?  Is the Democrat Party so desperate, that this man is the level of character they accept? And even promote (WHO is 'funding' his campaign?) for Mayor of NYC?

  Thanks, Democrats! You didn't know the moral aftermath of what you were doing when you covered for Bill Clinton (his oral sex with a subordinate in the White House) and brazenly justified his keeping the Presidency. You now face more rank sewers of corrupt politicians and claim it's private behavior. Well, it isn't private, and children are watching.

 Surely there is someone in your ranks who finds these indecent fellow-Democrats unacceptable. Why are there no livid and loud objections coming from your party? It isn't enough to say Weiner should withdraw from the Mayor's race. You should denounce Weiner publicly for the sake of our children as well as the security of our country, not to mention the future of your party.
 The clear message from you Democrats is this: If Weiner can win, you don't care what kind of character he has, not to mention the security threat and corruption of lying behavior he brings into office. Beware.... your party is becoming associated with... "phony? scandals"... that are truly Tragic scandals throughout the beloved federal bureaucracy that you populate to stay in office. Do you realize that you may win elections, but America is the loser in the long run,   if 'corrupt power' is all you care about? There's a huge, smelly sewer swallowing up the Democrat Party. You need to CLEAN HOUSE.

 Linda K.
 American Citizen and Voter 

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Blogger Blogengeezer said...

"All the Lies" that Linda K mentioned include, but are not limited to, the one that accused political activist 'Breitbart' of Hacking into his account, all of the time knowing that the accusation was just another of his easily spewed, outright Lies. He paid over $43,000 to T&M Protection Services to Investigate 'his own' Lie, after making his false, outrageous claim of 'someone else' generating the pics and messages. Anthony Weiner's legal fees from Jan 2010 to Dec 2012, amounted to over $93,000. All paid from his campaign fund, purportedly an extension of a Clinton Super PAC.

His self sacrificing? wife is Top Aide to Hillary Clinton. Huma Abedin, a Muslim born, Islamic but highly educated woman, born in the USA, raised in the middle east. Possibly one reason (other than the allure of political Power) she is so 'accepting' of his boorish behavior?

7:28 PM  
Blogger Blogengeezer said...

Interesting comment from another thread:
• 5 hours ago

If Anthony Weiner wins the election to become mayor of New York, it will prove that the movie "Idiocracy" was far too optimistic about current day intelligence. Luke Wilson's character, Private Joe Bauers (the definition of "average American"), awakened 500 years in the future to find a society so incredibly dumbed-down that he was easily the most intelligent person alive.

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