Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jesse Jackson Jr now 'on the forever dole', Govt subsidized Obsessive Compulsive crook?

Here we go again. Let's see what 'New' blogger does with this emailed text about the current national administration. If there is text below, then their algorithms could not discover any key words, or the email this post is from, is an approved 'Guest'.
Jesse Jackson Jr Proves Crime Pays..... For Washington DC.... insiders.
Victim of 'Bipolar malfeasance' ? 

Graft, of historic proportions:

 In yet another (of countless) sign, Washington DC is now hopelessly corrupt, witness disgraced Illinois 'Democratic' Representative........ Jesse Jackson Jr.

Jackson will collect tens of thousands of dollars in government disability pay, all while serving time for defrauding government.

Seems the feds bought his last-minute claims of a "mood disorder," qualifying him for a reported $8,700 a month in federal aid.

This outrageous largess comes on top of a partial federal pension of $45,000 he'll also collect, despite his sins in office. This is the same convicted swindler who lined his pockets with federal campaign cash.

As the feds were closing in on Jackson, he suddenly didn't feel so hot. He vanished for two weeks from his Capitol office before his staff disclosed he was on medical leave for "exhaustion."

When it became obvious the lawmaker wasn't returning, and more obvious that the feds were preparing an indictment, Democratic leaders pressed his staff for more information. They responded that his condition was worse than previously thought and required hospitalization.

His previously described exhaustion was actually "emotional problems," which then turned into "mood swings," which later became a full-blown "mood disorder."

The Jackson family finally settled on a diagnosis of "bipolar disorder," a mental illness that conveniently makes Junior eligible for generous federal disability.

Funny, Junior never showed any symptoms during his 17 years as a U.S. lawmaker. His illness didn't appear until FBI agents started knocking.

They first looked into a 2008 meeting his top fundraiser had with convicted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to try to get Jackson the Senate seat vacated when Obama moved to the White House.

While agents probed that bribery scheme, for which his fundraiser went to jail, they discovered other Jackson graft. Turned out the preacher's son had been using campaign cash as a "personal piggy bank" to buy luxury items for himself and his wife.

Then his symptoms worsened in a pathetic sympathy ploy, which worked. Last month, Jackson received a relatively light sentence of 30 months in federal prison.

He admitted spending at least $750,000 of public funds on personal items, including a $43,350 gold Rolex, $5,150 worth of mink capes and parkas from Beverly Hills, a $4,600 Michael Jackson fedora and $2,200 worth of Malcolm X memorabilia.

The feds plan to auction off the loot, along with ill-gotten jewelry, cashmere caps and a pair of elk heads that once hung in the Jackson mansion.

Jackson had faced 46 to 57 months in jail under a plea agreement. His wife, Sandi, who also recently resigned from public office, pleaded guilty to separate tax fraud charges.

The indictment says Jackson engaged in at least a seven-year conspiracy to defraud the public. And it may even predate 2005.

Fully a decade ago, the conservative press reported Jackson failed to disclose real-estate assets and income on his congressional financial disclosure forms.

It also discovered he got a sweetheart mortgage on a nine-bedroom mansion. He owned two other properties, plus five BMWs costing a total of $300,000.

The major media ignored the suspicious small fortune Jackson had amassed, along with his failure to fully disclose it. The Sunday news shows even ignored Jackson's indictment.

Now they're looking the other way as another corrupt Democrat cashes in on a career of crime.


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