Friday, September 20, 2013

Chicago Shootout

Here is another Guest post from email (AOL) that is factual about a 'culture' of Diversity with their leader now in presidential Power, that is a direct reflection on their totally govt subsidized way of life. Only due to the pictures in the on line readable story, would the ill-informed public know who the culture is. Keep in mind that deadliest city Chicago, is 'Gun Free' while Houston has freedom to own guns. Doubtful that 'New' Blogger will allow me to post the emailed content, but we will try.

Blank screen, just as predicted...
There was a shootout this morning in Chicago in which 13 people were shot, including a 3 year old. Obviously this is a wrong story, as guns are illegal in Chicago.

 Didn't the Community Organizers explain that to the hoods in the hood? Guess not, better to blame the Honkey Cracker for your culture than to look in the mirror.

Seems to be that way for all Socialist-Liberal-Progressive-Democrats, blame the GOP or Tea Party for your failures and the fawning mainstream media will go along with the accusations. Truth and facts don't matter none.

Chicago vs. Houston
Chicago: Number of gun stores                                      0
Houston:                                                                      1584 places that sell guns and ammunition
2012 Homicides, that would be confirmed kills:
Chicago:                                                                      896
Houston:                                                                      207
Deaths per 100,000 residents
Chicago:                                                                      28.4
Houston:                                                                       9.6
Would seem to me that some Community Organizer didn't do a very good job of organizing. Am I surprised! Smartest guy in the room didn't do his job.
Socialist-Liberal-Progressive-Democrats did a survey to determine how many guns were illegally sold on line. Using taxpayers dollars for the study it was found that of 607 on-line gun sales 30 would be considered illegal. Proof that more laws are needed.
Media does it again. When the first report of the shootout at the Navy Yard in VA it was reported that an AK-47 assault rifle, shot gun and pistol were used. Upon further investigation no AK-47 was found. Once again Obama lap dogs get it wrong. Black man shoots white people, when does the march with Jesse, Al, Obama, and Holder begin?
Show me where I'm wrong.


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