Thursday, September 19, 2013

DC Naval Yard, SSRI's possibly involved?

Until further information is released, all cards are possible. Given the last official responses to loudly proclaimed gun atrocities, I do not hold my breath. If SSRI's are found to have been involved, it will not be the first time.

One of countless examples: John Hyde Abq NM Aug 2005    killed several innocent people during a 1 day rampage, including two veteran officers sent to restrain him, by request of hospital staff alerted by 'concerned' threatened family. Family had previously asked for treatment and 'commitment'. Denied in each case by laws changed during Reagan years Congress. Changed by ACLU driven interests of misdirected/misinformed compassion.

Hollywood's knee jerk magnified portrayal of a flawed system, 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' (Jack Nicholson), was symptomatic of the misdirected, attitude of naivete that drove the neutering of 'commitment' laws. It didn't take long for the USA's perpetually dependent, govt subsidized homeless (among countless thousands of others), to become an unmanageable urban plague, periodically deadly violent, across the nation.

After that historic ruling, 'basically no one can be 'committed', if they themselves do not agree. Court orders (only 'after' deadly violence) being the exception. John Hyde is now locked away. It took deadly violence to restore legalistic common sense. Hyde is still re-evaluated every two years. Though unlikely, Hyde could conceivably be released back into vulnerable society.

There are massively funded, govt subsidized legal agencies that defend every mentally deficient person's 'right' to stay roaming on the streets, no matter what the threats to society. Those legal entities have absolutely no interest in rocking the financial boat that 'enables' their profession. They actually defend the violently dysfunctional practice vigorously. Proclaiming that with more taxation and more funding they could do even more for 'the People'.

John Hyde was prescribed govt subsidized SSRI's (the one overwhelmingly common factor in these last several atrocities over the years). SSRI's, which when halted sporadically, drastically alter the violence prone person's concern for targeted victims. Under normal serotonin levels, the person is reportedly a kitten, a model of caring, compassionate society. Note the shock of friends and family 'after' their atrocity. The words often are "He was turning his life around".

A 'flat lining' of moral emotions, prevents the natural, logical remorse associated with a normal person's regrets, most times causing '2nd thoughts' before consummating a 'plan' of destruction against humanity. SSRI's reduce/shut down the body's own serotonin production mechanism. When not taken regularly, the person can easily 'go postal', often resulting in suicide (a mentally flawed person, trusted responsible for 'taking' his own 'meds'?). Note the US Military with rampant suicides, is now suffering from the prolific administration of prescribed/subsidized SSRI's.

Outrageous Violence far too often becomes a justifiable 'must do' accomplishment, satisfying to the drastically, chemically altered person's mental state. There is no remorse. Death is expected after the 'accomplishment' of the plan of destruction.

Woe be to anyone that naively crosses paths with these govt subsidized/enabled Zombies. Disarmed citizenry, rendered incapable of instant response to the threat, is especially vulnerable, as each past atrocious instance has demonstrated. Disarming society is to further the totalitarian 'control' agenda of National Socialism, in no way reducing the underlying causation.


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