Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Bail Detroit's 'leaders', shut down US Govt?

This one is from an email (AOHELL) as the guest (every post blocked) refers to it. Now to see if the same mysterious 'blocking' (it remains in draft) occurs, where 'New' Blogger doesn't allow the open post, critical of the current sitting govt and administration?

Of course the one theme blocked, is the same. This sitting president's name and his media endlessly 'protecting' him. Seems that 'old' Blogger had no problem with the nation's last conservative president being endlessly attacked and blamed? Algorithms must be much more narrow minded... er focused? Reasoning for a gradual switch to wordpress by Daflikkers. Sorry to do it after a long relationship since 2006, but when backed into a corner, the desperation increases.

When Jay Leno is a short timer, he tells the truth. Why not Cruz from Canada when we elected Obama from Kenya? Of course the reasoning for the US Govt shut down is always the fault of the conservatives that try not spending more than they earn. Makes sustainable economic sense....... to Conservatives.

 BTW anyone notice the 'new' $100 bill being prepared for mass distribution? A replacement for the 'old' $10? Notice the configuration of the presidents cabinet? Notice the proclivity for appointing the muslim (no cap, doesn't deserve it) brotherhood, as 'commanders' over US security, ridding the US Military of it's traditional Commanders as they 'Demand' Disarming the US Population? Change is what was demanded, Change is what the USA is getting. Hang on, this ride is going to get Wild.

 Interesting to know the reason (a mentality?) a person was a 'no show' at a recent 'pot luck' attended by most of the business acquaintances. The person proclaimed that they Never attended any function they were invited..... where They had to bring 'any' food.

The person is well known for being a staunch Obama supporter, like countless 'new' millions today, 'on disability', for some mysterious reason not apparent, in spite of her ability to work fine..... as long as it is part time...... as a supervisor. A supervisor that demanded a small bumper sticker with no profanity, only the facts, criticizing the president (Her President) be removed from an office cubicle, because it offended Her.

Seems an affliction is sweeping the USA, Being a Democrat today, unlike the old Democrats, the old 'Working' Party, is like being eternally a child, perpetually dependency addicted.
Let's try again, begin composed (not copied) Guest Post critical of this sitting president and His media, below..... Blank..... as expected...

Well, well, well. The government, once again, is going to shut down, UNLESS the big bad GOP doesn't let the Socialist-Liberal-Progressive-Democrats borrow more money. Greedy corporations, greedy capitalists, greedy people who pay taxes and refuse to allow their future generations of children and grandchildren inherit the greed of Big Government. Not to worry though, the court eunuchs of the media have the Democrats back covered. It's Bush's fault.

Comrade Barack Bullshitsky has authorized $300 million to the bros in DeeTroit, who acted foolishly and spent all of the money they could get from the greedy corporations and bought new Cad-O-Lacks. Now Bullshitsky wants to GIVE the bros $300 million, guess the Cad-O-Lacks need replacing. I thought Congress approved the funds, guess I was reading the wrong Constitution. Actually the $300 million is small change, when one considers the First Family of Parasites in the White House spent $60-$100 million on a vacation to visit the family in Africa. Can't open the White House to "The Children", but can soak the taxpayers for un-ending vacations. Just like in DeeTroit. Government may shut down, but the vacations will continue.
Another report (AOHELL) claimed that Bullshitsky was still in favor of using race as a critera in evaluating who gets in college and who gets passed over. Of course he would favor racism for the African, how did he get into college, how did he get through Affirmative Action classes, how did he major in Voodoo science, math, and Constitutional Law? Of course he would favor racism. Why are Bullshitsky's school records sealed? Why did not Bullshitsky write a single paper for the Harvard Law Review, and is the only editor not to write one. Ask the media to find out. And they call the honkey racist? Of course.
Here's a thought, looking at the international scene. If you were Hitler on the eve of World War II, would you want Winston Churchill or Barack Obama in charge of England? Something to ponder. Obama sure showed Russia who's in charge. And Obama promised Putin he would be in a better position to cave in after he was re-elected. Don't look at me, I didn't vote for him. This is one campaign promise he's keeping. Give Putin an autographed copy of the U.S. Constitution Mr. Obama, you don't use it.
It's not the color of your skin but the color of your culture.
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