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Quirky California education system, that will set 'The Law' for the USA.

Here is another excellent post, copied from an AOL email. It concerns the universally political leftists controlled California education system and it's fatal quirks, that will eventually affect (Infect) all of the USA. As in other Controversial political posts from this 'guest' (algorithms catch them?), I now always expect a blank page from 'New' Blogger, so here goes nothing. BTW these posts are accepted with no problem, from 'Wordpress', where I often re-post the exact same, politically unPC 'editorials' attacking the Liberal Leftists. /

California once again leads the nation. Seems there was a person nominated as homecoming queen in Huntington Beach, California. This is the heart of Orange County, one of the last stands of OTHER than Socialist-Liberal-Progressive-Democrats. The very proud student body of Marina High School nominated and elected a transgender homecoming queen. Made the news all over the country. Basically this creature was born a male, with all of the equipment of a male, but felt like a female, so is now homecoming queen. No mention how the king felt about it. Basically he/she can use all of the 'female only' sports, restrooms, locker rooms, and showers. It's the law in California.

Recently had a getaway weekend to a small town in the mountains above San Diego. Found a nice small restaurant that had good food. Two teenage waitresses, high school, were working it. Very efficient, prompt service, correct with the order. Only not really a complaint, more as an observation, that they were trying their hand at lesbianism. Gay, either sex, is the in thing with kids in school. In the old days...but then we were taught some values and not subjected to the S-L-P-D values, or lack of. These are impressionable kids, not able to make decisions on their own. If they really are lesbians fine. If not, then they are trying the new IN fad, that's sad.
In Arkansas kindergarten kid had his peanut butter and jelly sandwich taken from him because the school KNEW he might trade sandwiches with someone allergic to peanut butter. The parents weren't told the school banned peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Ah, another lesson from Big Bro.
Back to Progressive California. The Los Angeles School District has spent over $1 billion (B) dollars so every kid in school can have an apple iPad. It's not yet been determined who pays when the students lose, sell, break, or have stolen their new toy. Bet it won't be the student or parents. Then the school districts say they are broke. Yep, Mr. & Mrs. Taxpayer give more of your "Fair Share".
Maybe these are reasons why we need charter, private, and home schooling. The whole educational systems is run by the teachers union and the nut house. Screw the taxpayer who pays for this nonsense.
Again California leads the nation. We don't have enough un-employed, so the S-L-P-D have raised the minimum wage from $8.50/hr. to $10.00/hr. This will raise the cost of everything to pay for the minimum wage, will prevent entry level jobs for the high school students and put more people on welfare. Is this a great state or what? If $10 is good, then why not $20, or $40, or $50, or $100, hell make it a $1,000 per day, let 'the rich' (whomever that is today) pay for it.
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Blogger Blogengeezer said...

Yesterday sent out a rant on schools. One of the items listed was that the Los Angeles School District gave out over $1 Billion (B), in new apple iPads. The question was how long before they disappear and who's going to pay for them?
This morning a back page story says 71 are gone and presumed stolen. Whoda Thunk?
The surprise is that the 'lap dog media' even reported it.

Students or parents going to pay for them? LOL, LOL, LOL!
More of your "Fair Share" taxPayer. And the school year has just started. Buy Apple stock, they will get another billion of 'redistributed' tax dollars next year, plus perpetual replacements.
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