Wednesday, October 02, 2013

US Govt shutdown

Below is most likely a blank space due to an AOL email copy being used as a 'Guest' post like several others preceding.'New' blogger seems to not allow that, while it is no problem for Wordpress. Of course it is mentioning 'Facts' about the shutdown not mentioned on MSM 'News'.  Facts like Senator Obama deriding Bush for not spending within the budget, referring to as not acceptable, while his administration has handed out tax Payer dollars to buy Votes, overspent by trillions and has not even balanced a budget for the last four years, or even submitted a balanced budget.

There is a lot of finger pointing going on now. Again, this morning, CNN during my workout, had the poor bureaucratic employees being denied pay checks because of the GOP caused shutdown.
FACT: The GOP house sent 4 (four) spending bills,in the last two weeks of September, that would have kept government running. Reid and Obama said they won't compromise. But the GOP gets blamed by the media for not compromising. Not to worry, it's Bush's fault.
FACT: Obama negotiates with Al-Qaeda in Syria, Al-Qaeda in Libya, The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Iranian mullahs but not John Boehner. It's Bush's fault.
FACT: Nine (9) out of ten (10) employees in the EPA were furloughed as non-essential. If they are non-essential why hire them in the first place? Eliminate that 10th and watch the economy grow. The entire EPA is non-esential. It's Bush's fault.
FACT: In 1969 the average federal government worker made 12% than the national average worker. Today the average federal government worker makes 36% more. They also do less useful work and get in the way of real progress and freedom. It's Bush's fault.
FACT: Obama was the one who called for the sequester. It's Bush's fault.
FACT: Yesterday WW II vets were kept from visiting the WW II Memorial because some government worker put up barricades. The barricades were not supposed to be there as there is no entrance fee, no guard on duty, no logical reason to keep anyone away from the memorial, except government worker spite. As a retired state worker in California said, before he un-said it, if the government wants a tax increase and voters aren't going to vote for the increase the government makes life as tough on the taxpayer as possible. to bring the taxpayer down to their knees.This from a highly paid retired government worker. It's Bush's fault.
FACT: Didn't, as senator, Barack Obama bash Bush for raising debt and calling the administration incompetent and the leadership incompetent if the administration could not live within it's means?
Increase debt under Bush...Bad.
Increase debt under Obama...Good.
Define hypocrite please.
FACT: Debt increase under Obama, since January 20, 2009, $6.9 trillion. Called Progressive-Liberal. It's Bush's fault.
Hate it when "FACTS" get in the way of opinion. Damn those "FACTS".
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