Friday, October 25, 2013

'New' Blogger 'Censors' posts from 'some' emails as copied?

For several years beginning in 2006, using emails as 'guest' posts, there were no problems on Blogger. All posted as copied. With 'New' Blogger (Google) things are vastly different. Emails from certain senders are Censored, becoming unreadable blank spaces. AOHELL emails most notably.

Other senders emails often become absolutely blurry and faded copies. There is never a problem like this with 'Wordpress', where DaFlikkers is now in parallel and subject matter, primarily special events of a family nature, varies from time to time. Other Wordpress oriented blogs as well, are maintained by Blogengeezer.

Military interests, and historic climate change are a few subjects I enjoy posting. Mid Cretaceous, where the earth was uniformly warm, no ice caps, seems to be earth's average Normal. Ice Caps are the rare occurrence.

 I like Otzi the Iceman and keeping up with his researcher's latest revelations and imagined scenarios for his demise. Daflikkers.blogspot allows his history to be posted with no problems. The Priora Oscilation, where the earth's temperature was balmy and warm across northern Europe previous to the last 5,000 years ago, is especially fascinating to me. The Ice then covered Otzi, only to be revealed as the climate warmed...again.

How does Mr Al Gore (Hollywood graphic imagination) explain the historic multitude of anomalies in earth's climate, while blaming the American industrial revolution that requires vastly increased taxation to rectify? Why did Mr Gore, who became wealthy by investments in wealth redistribution, buy ocean front property on the western coast, if he is so convinced of rising sea levels?

 Only if the 'New' blogger post is written and composed by individual keystrokes on the 'new' post draft format, does it post with no censorship. I have used my own emails, copied to create posts in the past. Even those are now problematic, unreliable and undecipherable. Politics favoring the Liberal Left are not my interest, unless they affect me and my family. then I raise my awareness and re-post the alarms. this seems to be a sticky point with 'New' Blogger.

For the foreseeable future, DaFlikkers will continue to 'attempt' postings as always. Some copy, most do not, as noted in previous discussion based, politically motivated Conservative leaning posts. Guests are nearly all deleted from posting, while still readable in draft.

 Curious about the strange 'New' Blogger's parameters? Are the powers that be, intentionally flagging/deleting copy for one reason or another, or is there an innate problem with 'New' Blogger?

Enjoy life in the United States of America, One Nation Under God.


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