Monday, October 28, 2013

Cleaning trophy skulls for display

In case you have ever questioned how this process is accomplished, this man, Greg Schonek, explains in a quick video.     Dermestid Beetles at work. The hunt is another really hard part, especially for some remote and elusive game. Locating the proper game area and narrowing it down to a specific day's traverse afoot, is a challenge. Time consuming research, communication with authorities, while waiting for layers of  bureaucratic response, is an accepted segment. Paying the expensive 'Fees' up front is demanded, whether you win the draw.... or Not.

 Associates spend large sums of their own (no govt subsidies) hard earned cash, to be awarded the opportunity to even go on the hunt. Licensing costs and Fees and taxes, the large inventory of expensive equipment necessary, the system of 'luck of the draw' for the hunt, expenses to get to and from the area. The time it takes to trek the mountains, plains, wetlands, rivers, lakes in search of the elusive game, is complex and involved, often resulting in complete failure. Expensive and time consuming failure. People of lesser character would become dismayed and never try again.

The reward is the protein for sustenance of the family (critical in many instances) and trophy, displayed for self satisfaction. The feeling of freedom, the outdoor ambiance ancient and inherent in all humans. The skill required to 'survive in the wild', while on the hunt, is tested.

Another little known, seldom taught benefit, is the knowledge that the 'system' is well funded by Hunting fees at every level, taxation on the equipment is even put to good use, to maintain the habitat and control to ensure future years of wildlife are protected and sustained.

 Without the hunters and game sports enthusiasts generous contributions, this immense expense would fall onto the backs of the tax paying public at large. Majority of which have absolutely no interest in providing financial assistance to wild animals they seldom see, or are deemed unnecessary in their own urban lifestyles. To put it in mild general terms, support for wildlife is extremely low on their priorities.

Being the recipient of many a generous, shared gift of wild game, I post this in thankful regards. Thank you Hunters and each stage of support. From the Second Amendment of the United States of America Constitution, to the equipment manufacturers, vendors and countless thousands of numbers of dedicated, educated sales staff, transportation (aircraft in many cases) and guides. State laws governing the God given FREEDOM to hunt and gather, including the financial resources and abilities of the hard working Hunters, All participate in this prosperity sharing sport.

Next time you see a mount on a wall, thank the system that allowed it and the Freedom involved. The habitat and wild game system that preserves the wild animals, nourishes, protects and encourages their breeding for future generations.

Disgust at the sight, only shows ignorance of the system taken for granted, simply detested and 'taught' as.... "something wild 'allowed to run free', being 'taken' for sport". Nothing is further from the truth. Ignorance is taught. Learning/intelligence is earned, by delving deeper into the subject matter. Removing the 'Profit' factor, by demanding more 'laws', effectively dooms the fate of wildlife.... as it does 'Everything', the attitude of excessive 'control' abuses.

 Enjoy Freedom in the United States of America, One Nation Under God.


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