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Varela-Casaus, Roberta Morales Alb Journal 30 Dec 2013

10:13 AM
My letter to the editor of the Albuquerque Journal is within this story, following the article of 30 Dec 2013 describing Synthia Varela-Casaus 9 year old son 'Omareee's death.  Roberta Morales comments. Click on her and her associates pictures, store their images in your memory, to see and remember the effects of what the Liberal Leftists have done to US society.

As is said, "a picture is worth a thousand words".
Pictures, images depicting situations such as these are increasingly very common across the USA of today, of course they are rarely published for obvious reasons. Exposure would threaten the status quo of massive, ever more demanding governmental bureaucracy and it's escalating taxation.

'The Great Society', a visioned utopia of cradle to grave, subsidized, perpetually dependency addicted existence, at the expense of the 'Traditional Family', subsidized using Social Security if you have any doubts. If you really believe that Social Security is only for retirees, you are quite naive.

Blogen Geezer · Top Commenter · Albuquerque, New Mexico
There sits just one poster child of 'The Great Society'. Perpetually Dependency Addicted, subsidized from cradle to grave. The direct epitome of totalitarian Government Welfare. Even the overwhelming 'Tats/piercings' indicative of the culture are subsidized. No reason to have a Traditional Family, of which less than 25% of the US school children in society consists today. The Feral, random associations breed for dollars and sexual gratification, nothing more. Someone asks about the Father'? Why have any need for a real, caring working Father, other than the random donor of sperm for spawn fertilization. When the Govt fills All needs, there is little to no motivation for personal gain or betterment. Cradle to Grave existence, leisure time for 'whatevers' (including career repeat offender crime), nothing more. Taxation fed, ever expanding CYFD bureaucracy only stirs the cauldron over the fire. Continuing to demonize the Traditional Family, the Only historically sustainable societal structure remaining, demeaning Traditional Family in the time honored Liberal Leftist agenda and Varela-Casaus and associates such as Roberta Morales will become the new 'Normal' to be forever subsidized (including victimized). Retain their images in your memory bank. You, as Liberal Leftists, created her and her clones, millions of Morales's, Varela-Casaus's and Omarees. btw, in the future 'Vote like Your life depends on it', It Does'.

2 days ago ... One of Varela-Casaus' longtime friends, Roberta Morales, said that although the incident is tragic, she doesn't think that the mother meant to kill ...


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