Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snowy Owls too Cold, Heading South?

Wolverines are now returning to the USA from Canada, following a long absence. Lake Tahoe California, recent sighting of Wolverine, has not had a Wolverine in residence since last sighted in 1922.  

Career 'Enviros', programmed into the religion of global warming from childhood, are mystified, so invent reasons.... such as.... you guessed it.... Global Warming. 

 'Everything' today is blamed on Global Warming. Too hot.. Global Warming. Too cold... Global Warming. Animals and birds heading North.... or South... Global Warming. Wind, Snow, Rain, Hail, Waves, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Wars...... All Global Warming. Naturally when the globe refuses to actually 'Warm', the Religion of Climate Change takes precedence. Never fear, Raising taxes will 'Fix' it.
Not sure about you, but if I was getting warm, I would head further North. Canada's remote Cold wilderness, is where Wolverines really are into their preferred elusive ambiance.

Now we have another fluffy, Arctic loving critter heading South.... Once Again, to reside in the USA for the winter. What do these animals and birds instinctively know? Is there something coming? something they enjoy? An ambiance where they thrive in the winter?

According to several reports from many states including Michigan, Snowy Owls are once again on the increase. Typically they breed in the Arctic tundra and feed on Lemmings. You know, those  cute plump little critters that are reported to sometimes over breed their territories, then periodically dive off cliffs into the ocean. 

If Hollywood is involved, trying to emphasize the event, any event, Lemmings are imported from their breeding  grounds, naively placed on a spinning disc below the camera and 'launched' Lemming like, off the cliff. Hopefully onto a large net, where they are regathered by PETA observers and returned to their happy breeding grounds, to profusely breed happily, 24-7 forever after (Not likely :>)

in 2013 Dec they sighted 55 Snowy  Owls in Wisconsin. Historically many routinely follow the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan to Indiana where numerous sightings of the magnificent two foot tall, white feathered birds have been reported. Several have made it as far south as Missouri and even into Florida.

Snowy Owls like airports because they are vast 'Tundras'... with lots of 'Voles' that apparently taste like Lemmings :>) Some interact with aircraft and that soon controls the tendency of that particular Snowy Owl to reside at the airport.

Maine and New Hampshire are not 'owl free' either. They have returned all across the northern states in numbers not seen in many years.

'Experts' argue on the causes. Some say not enough Lemmings. If not enough, how did there get to be so many Snowy Owls?

Some 'experts' say lots of Lemmings. Plethora of Lemmings and Lemming families, encouraged the breeding proclivity of Snowy Owls (sounds reasonable).

Possibly they ate all of the slower less intelligent Lemmings.... then headed south after the first cold wave signifying the onslaught of winter?

It does seem likely, especially seeing as their breeding ground and prolific food source is totally frozen and iced over during the winter months, as the earth tilts it's northern axis Away from the sun. A sun that seems to have quieted down, lost a bit of it's agressive tendancies (not so prolific, solar flares) for the last 18 years? Mars probes are noting some strange events as well... hmmmm, must be Global Warming.


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