Saturday, February 15, 2014

KNIVES and Kids, 'Back in the day'

Having carried countless knives of many types and sizes for all of my life, I discovered that in today’s protective nanny society, kids can no longer do such socially abhorrent activity, fraught with great risk of Danger.

I had one time asked the boys why they didn’t carry knives while in school? They looked at me like I had suggested something evil, and said No Way, they would have been ‘cuffed and stuffed’ for carrying a deadly weapon in school.

Times sure have changed. Every boy I ever knew, along with a few girls, carried a knife to school and ‘Nothing’ ever happened… in ‘Our’ Culture. No one ever thought about stabbing anyone with them. 

We played games like ‘mumbly peg’ at recess.  Which included tipping the open knife off various things, knees, elbows, chins, foreheads etc, trying to ‘stick it’ :>) No one was ever critically injured. If so for Any reason, we were given a band aid and Iodine. Iodine was the punishment for being careless.

We threw our knives at trees, dirt, logs to ‘stick’ em and see who could do it best, earning our respect. We whittled animals out of pieces of wood that we carried in our pockets, while waiting for class to start, or just while sitting around with each other or alone.

We compared any ‘new’ knife with pride, as ‘new’ anything, was rare in those days before 'The Great Society'. 'Hand me downs' were far more common. Larry got new boots for Christmas. A knife pocket was sewn on the outer side. Larry was so proud of those New boots.

They were the new boots he was wearing while riding his bicycle, as he kicked the cats (Larry hated cats) in the dark…..Skunks! Those boots stunk for the rest of their life. He had to ‘wear them out’ because no new boots until the next year. Larry didn’t smell like Larry…. until his boots wore out.

My own personal Boy Scout knife, one that mom ordered for Christmas, was very special. I carried that Camp Knife for years, until I broke it, doing something not realistic for any knife. Every time I see a Boy Scout knife, I remember mom getting that special knife for me. :>) 

I had a Boy scout Axe with a sheath from one other Christmas. In excellent condition today, those are worth a few dollars. Mine was battered and used, after many camping and hiking trips. I was ‘rough on stuff’ :<(

Today the knife is wrongly considered a very irresponsible item for a 'sheltered governmental society boy' to own. Back then a personal knife was as common, as a dollar in your pocket is today. 

Totalitarian Controlled ‘progressive’ Society by Design, authoritarian mandated Safety across the USA of today, has changed this once adventuresome nation into some dis-utopian, feel good imaginary dream state, that has far more cumulative flaws than ever existed in Mark Twain’s time. Heaven, filled with adventure and knowledge, seems ever more attractive in comparison.

Enjoy life in the United States of America. ‘One Nation Under God’
and ‘Pack a Knife', a Good One, A unique, well made Knife that is of value.
 One that has character that fits your personal image.  

One added note: Leave your sharp tools home, as you prepare to board an airplane. TSA will confiscate Anything sharp, or even looks like a picture of a weapon, ever since the Muslim extremists did their little funzi on the stews and flight crews on 9-11. Now, belt buckles, belts, purses, wallets, shirts, Anything depicting any instrument or weaponry are confiscated. Nail clippers, sharp credit cards, even ties with pictures of weapons and toys with 1/4" guns in the hands of tiny soldiers are deemed a deadly threat. Sadly this is today's society... Utopia is here, Brave New World style.

 Around the home, in the garden or yard, a Sheath Knife, with fast easy access, no digging in pockets, is handier in the smaller sizes for a quick bag opening or branch clipping. 

Larger sheath knives, up to legendary 'Bowies', that by 'Batoning' can split logs, have their place in the real world. 

Everyone remembers Paul Hogan's Knife, the knife was the co-star of Crocodile Dundee.

 'The TURTLE MAN' line of Knives.  Besides Turtle Man 'Ernie Brown Jr' being a Hoot, the products are designed in USA, well made in China and very reasonably priced. Jay Leno even likes Turtle Man.

This is the Turtle Man song with dance :>)

Bowies, like Ernie's 'Thunder' or 'Lightnin' are also great for whacking a clump of grass from around a bush, or even prying out a dandelion. Handles range from exotic beauty to basic utility. Cordura nylon sheaths are utilitarian and have long life. Turtle Man's nylon sheath, is actually quite innovative as well as utilitarian. Turtle man's 'Call of the Wild Man' 3 minutes.

I personally enjoy owning several well made classical leather sheaths and knives for various purposes. Discarded, high quality, heavy 'full shank' (my preference) Butcher/Carving knives, found in charity thrift stores for a dollar or more, are fairly easily ground down, carefully profiled into serviceable Bowies. Sheaths can be fabricated as simple as home sewn Cordura (thrift store belts, luggage), or old leather belts, reworked into personal creations. Tandy Leather is great source of materials and tools. Hobby Lobby is getting well equipped with leather project paraphernalia. Print the on-line 40% discount coupon or use your smart phone when you get to the check out line.

Most good quality, full shank handles (scales) are riveted. With your personal creative imagination, being the key to creating Your Own 'Custom' made tool.... Enjoy your next project (knife 'blanks' are sold on ebay). Get skilled enough and the next step could be marketing your individualistic and extremely useful 'creations;>)

Camping trips, practicing 'Survival' prove Knives absolutely indispensable.... for Everything, even cooking and serving keeps the proper personal knife busy. Lewis & Clark's entire party would have failed without their critical knives. While camping, I sleep well every night.... with my knife under my pillow :>)

Pack a knife, you will feel better about yourself. Practice deploying (many are one handed, some are spring assisted) your knife rapidly, for even more satisfaction in case of an unpleasant, unplanned 'incident'. Check local laws. Many are 'against' You and favor the Career Repeat Offenders. After all he/she are professionals.

From years of experience, I guarantee a carry knife's personally positive, satisfying effect :>)


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