Thursday, June 01, 2006

'Comanche Moon', Movie reposted to Jan11 2008

Welcome to 'Da Flikkers' This is to announce the humble beginnings of an event for aspiring 'Film Extras'.

All 'Extras', no matter the social class they portray, are wellcome. Pirates, Cowboys, Indians, Bankers, Bikers, Blacksmiths, Bartenders, Butchers, Dancers, Ladys of the Night, (or day) Store Clerks, Soldiers, Mountain Men, Horseback Riders, Rangers, Wagon Drivers, Race Car Drivers, Pilots, Piano Players, Housewives (Desperate), Preachers, Spoiled Brats, Baseball Players, Skydivers, Villians, Heros, Heroines, Nerds, Carnies, Town Drunks, Jailers, Lawmen, Stunt workers, Standins, I believe there will be many more interesting characters.

Please feel free to share your stories with readers of this non-discrimintory blog. My stories may be about diferent things from time to time. Travel is a part of my life, please allow me to share the little life adventures.

We are truly a band of Brothers and Sisters. Please keep the four letter dictionary ...'IN YOUR HEAD'... where it can be honed to perfection for your day of 'Judgement' if the part you get is a little, shall we say, not to your liking. The first blogs comment section is a day by day log of the happpenings in the film business untill viewers get the idea of what the content of this 'blog' is about. The flikkering action of the old films is the 'Name'of the blog.

Fire away faithful 'Extras' It's a difficult task, but someone has to do it. Share the 'Casting Calls' so we all can have 'THE POWER" of the Internet to guide us through 'This great life' on Earth.
The day to day work on 'Comanche Moon' is in the comments section of this 'post'. I often have flashbacks and post things in following articles 'Blogengeezer'