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The Elderly

When the return from our last trip to Southern Colorado was completed, the girls dropped off at their homes, and the motor home unloading was finalised, we went to bed. The next morning my wife tried to call her elderly Mother who lives alone.

No answer from that end of the line so we drove over, jimmied the lock that had been fastened from the inside, only to find her laying on the carpeted floor. She was very alert and thankful that we had arrived. Her Femur was broken. She had been there for two nights. She had been fine when our Daughter in Law dropped her off after an outing for snacks. She fell shortly after that.

The phone was within 3 feet. Her cane had been carefully layed across a chair where it spends it's time while she is at home. Her walker was in another room where she keeps it as a decoration. Her 'life line' device necklace, that calls us if she presses the button, was away in another part of the house where it is being preserved for some future time. The elderly from that era long ago, are very independant. They think that they are invincible.

The questions as to how and what happened seemed to ramble in her memory. My wife was on the floor with her. Her Mother was looking over to the other side and said "Hi" to someone she saw there. My Wife asked her who she was talking to. Her mother replied "That man", she thought he was maybe her son. She also said "Well they have all been so nice to me, They could not help me to call you, but they stayed with me for the entire time".

My wife asked her who was she talking about? Her Mother replyed, "those two Ladies sitting there, they treated me so sweetly and have been there all along". My wife looked in that direction and saw no one there. My Mother in Law has been a true Christian for her entire life. Only another Christian would understand that she was guarded over by 'Angels' during the 36 hour time she lay on that floor.

Psalm 91 theme. Gods protection in the midst of danger. "God doesn't promise a world free from danger,but he does promise his help whenever we face danger"

The EMTs that this fantastic USA has in endless supply, to work with accident victims, arrived shortly after that. The fantastic training and equipment did it's job. She was transported to the ER in a modern Ambulance with every available life saving technology built in. She was stabilised. Upon arrival at the Emergengcy Room, the techs rigged her up with the latest monitors for her vital signs. A little device even monitors the Oxygen percentage in her blood by looking through her finger with a little clip.

O2 is piped in through the 'Hi-tech' wall panels with their many outlets, no more big tanks standing in the corner. Other monitors were checking everything in her system with IV's to adjust her electrolytes to prepare her for the next days surgery. What a great array of technology and dedicated personnel available to every one needing assistance in our Nation. The ER was very busy and more accident victims were arriving by the minute. Three of them were elderly victims of falls. Several heavily tatooed young males, victims of the 'follies' of youth.

Due to the heavy demand for assistants, I was recruited to assist the Technician during the X-Ray procedure. I held the receiver plate in position and held her other leg up out of the way. I wore a lead protective garment while assisting. The X-ray emmiting unit head, floated on a zero-gravity arm which made it easy to position precisely.

The image from that wonderful computerised machine was clear as a photograph, and available instantly for the Doctor to examine online. What a wonderful Nation we live in, that has equipment and trained people to do these things without delay. That darling of the 'Left', 'Michael Moore' has absolutely no idea what a wonderful country he is allowed to 'exist' in. Or, he has found a following of unknowing people gullible enough to swallow his toxic form of 'brain pollution' and give him money to boot. As we say in the deep south, "Bless His Heart".

The numerous tests determined that she had suffered very little of the symptoms usually associated with a prolonged time on the floor. She was truly protected. The young Doctor (self described as 'The Carpenter') explained to us about the prospects at her age. She could choose to, not have the metal rod inserted, which would mean a prolonged bed stay, which at her advanced age results in death within months, or she could have the inserted rod that would allow her to stand up and sit within a couple of days, and eventually to walk again. She wisely agreed to the rod being fastened in place during the surgery the next day. She also wisely agreed to her 'DNR' consent in case of major problems.

Once again the US medical system exhibited it's finest display of training and equipment. The operation was completed without any complications. 'Cipro' was administered to prevent any infections from getting a toehold. She was transported within days to another fantastic facility for 'Skilled Nursing' and preliminary 'rehab'. The Nursing crew is working to get her to stand and start walking. My wife and I visited another care facility for her extended treatment starting next week.

Again our great country has facilities to provide that care, some of which is taken care of financially by the social security medical system. The system goes to great lengths, to see to the needs of the citizens of the USA. This system is also being taken advantage of by the endless train of 'illegals', invading our Nation for just the reasons described above. I mentioned previously that the ER was 'very' busy.

The 'detractors' of our Great Nation are very much unaware of what can happen to them while in other countries during a 'Life threatening' situation. Luck is the best thing available to them in those circumstances. I'll take our system over theirs any time.

Now comes the long hard road to recovery. She has to desire to do this part herself. Longevity runs in her family. Centenarians are in her past. I hope she will have the fortitude to see this through. She can no longer live alone and that has her upset at this time. We are hoping for a brighter future ,but that is in her hands now. She is a firm 'Believer' so that True Power is on her side.

Also read Global Warming, the real thing.


Blogger blogengeezer said...

Each day her prospects are improving. She has started to eat a little more with each meal. Her Son brought her Chipotle Potato chips, really hot ones. Today we got her into a wheelchair for a trip to the outside area with the abundant New Mexico fresh air and sunshine. Beautiful white fluffy cloud formations overhead. Now she knows the future will include things and places like that. Small things we all take for granted each day. The transfers from chair to bed were much easier on her than previously, with her strength improving. This is a great sign due to the fact that a century of life is close at hand for her. Driving a car, was recently given up, due only to the fact that her eyesight is getting a little dim from Macular Degeneration. This woman grew up dragging a cotton sack through the 'Cotton Patch' of West Texas. A broken femur will not whip an old Texan, God Bless Her, as is obvious..

6:06 PM  
Blogger blogengeezer said...

The bills are starting to roll in. One is for the ER and hospital stay only, and totals about $34,000 dollars, Yep three zeros, with legal (Mob?) protection for the providers eating up an extremely large percentage. Of course that is because of the huge number of 'non-paying' ER admissions needing care. Read my original post about the long line at the extremely busy ER. The dollar costs are spread out only among those that have been responsible and saved for the resources and insurance 'to pay' for the unexpected. Remember that fact as you 'anticipate' the rapidly increasing flow of 'zero resource, migrants'? to the USA. There is an extremely high cost associated with this current plan.

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