Monday, June 18, 2007


During the greatest 'Free Market', Capital Investment Driven', 'World Economic Expansion' run ever seen in history, one in which the heavy equipment to help build massive new world infrastructure, is even in short supply. An Econonomic Boom that requires China to buy or even lease their needed heavy equipment from the USA. An Economic Boom so profound as to allow 'The People' of the developing world to enjoy a level of prosperity never before possible. A time of such prosperity and disposable income, that it allows Macau (China) to build a massive new Entertainment and Gambling infrastructure. An unprecidented 'Expansion' that has allowed every Nation that welcomes 'Free Enterprise' to flourish uninhibited by repressive, restrictive Laws and regulations.

Enter the dismal, alley lurking Leftist 'Illiberals' that are attempting to destroy the capital Driven economy that allows even 'them' to exist in unprecidented comfort here in the USA. Restrictive, punitive Laws and endless threats of Lawsuits piled on top of lawsuits piled upon endless 'Indictments', are eating like a Rabid Cancer at our own free enterprise system, driving the Capital investors 'Offshore' to get a quality return on their investments without giving most of it to the the 'Ambulance Chasing, 'Tort' Lawyers so prevalent in this USA that our 'Lifetime Professional Politicians' at every level are totally saturated with this diseased virus.
(The 67/54 million dollar 'pants' lawsuit meant to destroy a small 'legal' immigrants cleaning business and even more of the same, by a 'power crazed' US Lawyer/Politician)

A prosperity time, of which, the worlds Leftist 'Illiberals' see only a defeatist outlook that attempts to squash the Daylights out of this budding new 'World Investment Driven' order that is threatening their 'Gloom and Doom Old School' dominance.

"There You go Again" as the famous 'Communicator' Ronald Reagan was fond of saying whenever the 'Illiberal', 'bloviating', Media 'Dogs' present at his News conferences, fervently, desperately jerked at the ropes on their 'Spinning Wheels'.

Ronald Reagen (President USA) and Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister UK) dragged the Leftist, spitting, Hissing world into 'Globalization'.

Some of the latest 'Cause and Effect' Spin has resulted in the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon actually believing 'Alberto' Gore's Global Warming Derangement Syndrome, and saying that the reason for DARFUR being such a killing field, is because we have overheated the planet. (by idling and revving our Detroit made SUV's too long at the stoplights?)

No mention was made that the well financed, well armed, majority Government Islamists are executing the Christians at a prodigious rate, faster than the minority Christians can fight back. The 'file photo' used in some Main Stream Media to 'illustrate' the point, (desperately trying to give it credibility), showed people in long robes standing in sand. Ah yes, the same UN that gave comfort and rocket launching sites to the Islamist forces cowering among the citizens homes in Lebanon that 'rocketed' Israel last year. The same blue helmeted forces that are wholly endorsed and loved by the 'World Domination' Islamists.
The same UN that blames the USA for every evil in the world. The same UN who's primary financial supporter is the 'Capitalistic', 'evil' USA.
Ah Yes, such innocence, sweetness and light while helping the Islamists reduce pressure on the world population by wearing out AK-47's so that new ones may be ordered. Does Kalishnikov offer 'stock'? If so invest as fast as you can. Time may be running out, for some of the 'Investors' that is. That is of course, if you naively 'Buy Into' the Leftist Illiberals Garbage based total Nonsense.


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Alexei Balabanov and Sergei Selyanov have released a film about the USSR and it's 'Utopia' percieved by many 'old power' Russians as the good old days they are longing to return to. The film "GRUZ 200" refers to those days in a fashion that is extremely unflattering to 'Communism'. Michael Moore should get more aquainted with the system he so longs to 'curse' America with. Cyndi Sheehan should join him in his lifelong quest for that 'Utopia' of communism. for more info check the Wall Street Journal 21 June 2007 "From Russia without love" New Movie Slams Russia.

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