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Josh Mandel Ohio Representative

Now this bit of creativity at $5 to $10 K is an interesting way to play with graphics.

Where it will lead is any ones guess. I see many uses for hobbyists, but mostly business professionals. Military planners should really like the flexibility. Popular Mechanics always has some new technology to report. This goes along nicely with the quick vid from the Minnesota professors, about the future growth in India and China as far as education is concerned. I really like the music.

India and China DO 'NOT' have a Congress or top level Administration made up of lawyers. SCIENTISTS and ENGINEERS are the 'designers' (Deciders?) of their economy. The Legalistics Burdened USA has a growth in GDP that is usually not much more than the rate of inflation. In China and India the lack of Lawyers is probably the main reason that the growth in their GDP is 'Many times' their rate of inflation. As a matter of fact I believe China has a 'limit' on Lawyers. A 'BAG' limit, like in hunting season. Notice the little ATV from China that has been declared by 'our protectors' as 'Unsafe' in the USA. Chinas response...Use common sense, it's low priced, the rest of the world likes it just fine.

Now lets get busy. The 2008 US elections are coming around fast. The Professional Politicians are mostly Lawyers so lets see...what can we do?

Well one bright light at the end of the tunnel, to be followed by thousands more, is 29 year old Ohio State Representative JOSH MANDEL, the State of Ohio Representative that was fighting 'Insurgents' in Iraq just three years ago. Shortly after being 'Sworn in', JOSH MANDEL announced plans for a bill that would 'divest' the State of Ohio's sizable 'fund' packages, from investment plans with companies that do business with debt riddled IRAN.

At last a bright ray of 'common sense'. At last count, I believe at least 14 States are considering similar Bills. Now JOSH MANDEL has seen a 'Dysfunctional Society' at it's finest example. I predict that the massive numbers of United States troops that have cycled through, or are returning from that part of the world, closely if not 'directly' associated with 'Hell' on Earth, will totally reverse the 'Illiberal' direction of this temporarily lost USA. Read this "Raw Report from a Marine at the Front" These are the type of Military people that will change the course of our drifting society. The comments that follow it show the appreciation of the real citizens of the USA.

This is the most well educated, all volunteer, Military, the world has ever seen. They will bring back to the USA a wealth of first hand, common sense information about what does not work and more importantly, 'What Does Work' in directing Mankind. The 'Insurgents' have trained them to perfection. I can hardly wait to see them 'Replace' this old, despicable, obsolete 1960's generation of drug addled Illiberal professors that have turned our Halls of Higher Education into 'Institutions'. I can hardly wait for the 'Troops' to rebuild our Congress into a viable, intelligent system. I can hardly wait for our troops to slowly and deliberately dissolve our 'Tort' legal system. Time for our Brave Soldiers to take back America. Welcome home 'Troops'.


Blogger BrianFH said...

Yeah; the problem remains the population bulge called the Boomers (I'm one); their (our) minds may or may not evolve enough to elect the returning vets. Here's hoping, though.

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Blogger blogengeezer said...

I'm tempted to believe as you do Brian, the one 'wild card' is in a great little book I read last year. "DAWN OVER BAGHDAD". I had neared the end of the book during a trip to Balmorea Texas (swimmin' wit da fishes '06). While talking to a young man with his wife and two small children, he noticed my book. The clean cut, 'squared away' young man appeared to me as a 'Military' type Yank. He asked what I thought about the book. I replied that I really liked it and it was about building the basic society we take for granted, in Iraq. He nodded approvingly. He then said he had asked to be returned there in August. I asked why. He said that "a man gets but one chance in his life to 'build a nation". I asked what he did there. His reply "Psyc-Ops" said it all. We watched the turtles and fish and talked until past dark. Now if this type person can't convince the average American citizen to 'see the light', we are not any better than the lost souls in the Middle East.

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Blogger BrianFH said...

I'll have a look round for the book. There's much more to it than generational differences, of course. Check out . A really interesting line of research going on, there.

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Blogger blogengeezer said...

Aaron posted this commentary

"Future foreign policy will reflect the truth that to isolate and defeat terrorist extremism now involves more than military force. It is also a struggle of ideas and ideals that in the coming years will be waged and won for hearts and minds here at home and round the world."
Gordon Brown, the new leader of Great Britain.

Political scientists note: He is quite correct, and it's good to hear that he understands that. I wish more world leaders did.

"We must continue developing the resistance war, that's the anti-imperialist weapon. We must think and prepare for the resistance war everyday. It's not just armed warfare, I'm also referring to psychological warfare, media warfare, political warfare, economic warfare."
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Hugo is a close ally of Cuban President Fidel Castro and Iranian President Mahmoud Amadinejad. He recently bought $3 billion in arms (AK-47 factory) from Russia and is convinced that the USA wants to invade his country to take possesion of the vast oil reserves there. He is paranoid, probably unstable, and he has the total support of most of his people.
(Including Cyndi Sheehan and Michael Moore 'Sicko')bg

"For the indignation of the LORD is upon all nations, and his fury upon all their armies: he hath utterly destroyed them, he hath delivered them to the slaughter."

Isaiah 34:2

"The LORD nullifies the counsel of the nations; He frustrates the plans of the peoples."

Psalm 33:10

Another view on the WAR AGAINST TERRORISM from a German perspective.
Iran has stated publicly that THE HOLOCAUST never happened.


If any of you still feel that this war on terror is a mistake, here is an
opinion from an unexpected source. It's fascinating that this should come
out of Europe. Mathias Dapfner, Chief Executive of the huge German publisher
Axel Springer AG, has written a blistering attack in DIE WELT, Germany's
largest daily paper, against the timid reaction of Europe in the face of the
Islamic threat.

This is a must-read by all Americans. History may well certify its


(Commentary by Mathias Dapfner CEO, Axel Springer, AG)

A while ago Henry Broder wrote in Welt am Sonntag,
"Europe - your family name is appeasement." It's a phrase you can't get out
of your head because it's so terribly true.

Appeasement cost millions of Jews and non-Jews their lives,
as England and France, allies at the time, negotiated and hesitated too long
before they noticed that Hitler had to be fought, not bound to toothless

Appeasement legitimized and stabilized Communism in the
Soviet Union, then East Germany, then all the rest of Eastern Europe, where
for decades, inhuman suppressive, murderous governments were glorified as
the ideologically correct alternative to all other possibilities.

Appeasement crippled Europe when genocide ran rampant in
Kosovo, and even though we had absolute proof of ongoing mass-murder, we
Europeans debated and debated and debated, and were still debating when
finally the Americans had to come from halfway around the world, into Europe
yet again, and do our work for us.

Rather than protecting democracy in the Middle East,
European Appeasement, camouflaged behind the fuzzy word "equidistance," now
countenances suicide bombings in Israel by fundamentalist Palestinians.

Appeasement generates a mentality that allows Europe to
ignore nearly 500,000 victims of Saddam's torture and murder machinery and,
motivated by the self-righteousness of the peace movement, has the gall to
issue bad grades to George Bush... Even as it is uncovered that the loudest
critics of the American action in Iraq made illicit billions, no, TENS of
billions, in the corrupt U.N. Oil-for-Food program.

And now we are faced with a particularly grotesque form of
appeasement. How is Germany reacting to the escalating violence by Islamic
Fundamentalists in Holland and elsewhere? By suggesting that we really
should have a "Muslim Holiday" in Germany?

I wish I were joking, but I am not. A substantial fraction
of our (German) Government, and if the polls are to be believed, the German
people, actually believe that creating an Official State "Muslim Holiday"
will somehow spare us from the wrath of the fanatical Islamists. One cannot
help but recall Britain's Neville Chamberlain waving the laughable treaty
signed by Adolph Hitler and declaring European "Peace in our time".

What else has to happen before the European public and its
political leadership get it? There is a sort of crusade underway, an
especially perfidious crusade consisting of systematic attacks by fanatic
Muslims, focused on civilians, directed against our free, open Western
societies, and intent upon Western Civilization's utter destruction.

It is a conflict that will most likely last longer than any
of the great military conflicts of the last century - a conflict conducted
by an enemy that cannot be tamed by "tolerance" and "accommodation" but is
actually spurred on by such gestures, which have proven to be, and will
always be taken by the Islamists for signs of weakness. Only two recent
American Presidents had the courage needed for Anti-appeasement: Reagan and

His American critics may quibble over the details, but we
Europeans know the truth. We saw it first hand: Ronald Reagan ended the Cold
War, freeing half of the German people from nearly 50 years of terror and
virtual slavery. And Bush, supported only by the Social Democrat Blair,
acting on moral conviction, recognized the danger in the Islamic War against
Democracy. His place in history will have to be evaluated after a number of
years have passed.

In the meantime, Europe sits back with charismatic
self-confidence in the multicultural corner, instead of defending liberal
society's values and being an attractive center of power on the same playing
field as the true great powers, America and China.

On the contrary - we Europeans present ourselves, in
contrast to those "arrogant Americans", as the World Champions of
"tolerance", which even (Germany's Interior Minister) Otto Schily
justifiably criticizes. Why? Because we're so moral? I fear it's more
because we're so materialistic, so devoid of a moral compass.

For his policies, Bush risks the fall of the dollar, huge
amounts of additional national debt, and a massive and persistent burden on
the American economy - because unlike almost all of Europe, Bush realizes
what is at stake - literally everything.

While we criticize the "capitalistic robber barons" of
America because they seem too sure of their priorities, we timidly defend
our Social Welfare systems. Stay out of it! It could get expensive! We'd
rather discuss reducing our 35-hour workweek or our dental coverage, or our
4 weeks of paid vacation... Or listen to TV pastors preach about the need to
"reach out to terrorists. To understand and forgive".

These days, Europe reminds me of an old woman who, with
shaking hands, frantically hides her last pieces of jewelry when she notices
a robber breaking into a neighbor's house.


Europe, thy name is Cowardice.

--- God Bless America ---

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Blogger blogengeezer said...

From Aaron,

Thoughts for the day;

"This is not simply a fight against terror - terror is a tactic. This is not simply a fight against Al Qaeda, its affiliates and adherents - they are foot soldiers. This is not simply a fight to bring democracy to the Middle East - that is a strategic objective. This is a fight for the very ideas at the foundation of our society, the way of life those ideas enable, and the freedoms we enjoy."

General Peter J. Schoomaker, United States Army

"A superpower's strength lies as much in what it can prevent from happening as in what it can achieve. Very little of any note can happen without at least its acquiescence. In all sorts of areas—be it the fight against global warming or the quest for an Arab-Israeli peace—America is quite simply indispensable."

From an article in The Economist, Britain's leading newsmagazine.

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