Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Zimbabwe Inflation

Over 4,000% (7,500% by some estimates) and climbing faster and faster. The Wall Street Journal suggests that you not 'Chase' the big stock rally there. The higest inflation rate in todays world. (Post WWI Germany had One Million percent) Formerly the very successful nation of 'Rhodesia'. The location of the world famous 'Victoria Falls' on the 'Zambesi' River.

Most food in Zimbabwe now has to be imported and paid for with borrowed money. The nation can no longer support or even feed itself since the European farmers (Capitalists) were forced (killed) to give their land to 'THE PEOPLE'.... (Mugabe's closest supporters). 'Redistribution of Wealth', 'Agrarian Reform', 'Take from the Rich, give to the Poor', Whatever you want to call it, 'LIBERALISM'. It doesn't work folks. History proves that much. 'Robert Mugabe' destroyed and closed all dissenting News Media. CNN and BBC are banned from reporting from 'his' (self declared, President for life) country. Watching their reporting, I don't think they even realise that.

HIV/AIDS infecting well over 1/3 (conservative est) of the population. This nation of educated (by Liberals?) people chose to divest themselves of 'Capitalism'. Zimbabwe at one time was a major exporter of food and other agricultural products. Today meat is a rare delicacy. Mugabe used his North Korean (I see a connection here) trained military to ensure his presidency continues, by eliminating all opposition. 'KIA' (killed in action) comes to mind when referring to his dissident opposition.

B.M. (before Mugabe) the life expectancy was about 60 years of age. Now it is about 37 for men and 34 for women. Now 'that' is an improvement in living conditions. The people wanted change from the old European style government rule...boy did they get what they wanted...'Change'.

Now take into consideration Nicaragua's 'Hugo Chavez'. He is following the same exact path as Mugabe. The people of this world never learn. I guess that is why the world famous 'Kalishnikov AK-47' is used so effectively. To 'Spank' the people for never being satisfied and always blaming others for their own problems. When locked into 'full-auto-spank' what a glorious 'spanking' it delivers.

'Hugo Chavez' has succeeded in raising the inflation rate of Nicaragua to double digit. 'Hugo' is also building a new 'Kalishnikov' factory. His friend in Iran, 'Mahmoud Amadinejad' and his 'Mullahs' have also done the same things for their country. What is it about some of these guys? Do they see destruction of a working system as creative? Are they twisted beyond reality? Maybe they went past 'Inhaling'? They seem to like 'Hashish' do they not? I read that their old 'CEO' liked a little 'Hash' himself back a number of centurys ago. He also enjoyed the company of many ladies (young ones)

The USA is populated by a minority of people made from the same type of DNA as the 'leaders' I have just mentioned. They have been educated (Indoctrinated?) in our universities by the 60's professors that have also gone past 'inhaling'. They view the current system in the USA as 'suppressive' to their creativity. Their creativity of 'Destruction' is the way I see history telling their story.

The world is changing rapidly and mankind is trying a lot of experiments on it's own population. The main deciding factor of the future is going to be, was 'Malthus' onto something? 2050 is the target date for his theory at the current rate of population expansion. I don't think I will wait around to see if 'Malthus' was on track. Good luck. Get out, travel, see the World and of course the absolutely amazing, incomparable, Capitalist USA. It's getting late fast. Maintain life as 'A believer' and you will survive by 'Grace' alone. It works for me...


Blogger blogengeezer said...

ROBERT MUGABEE the self proclaimed president 'for life' of death riddled Zimbabwe. It used to be the highly prosperous 'Rhodesia', (Victoria Falls), remember that? I didn't think so. He has recently announced that he has no clue as to the runaway inflation devouring his country after he removed the working British installed 'Capitalist' system in the early 90's, to replace it with a Politically Correct, Liberal, 'Socialist' system of 'Utopia?' Our own liberal media and that of the AP fed world, 'gushed' endless praise over him as he slowly destroyed the functionality of that nation. The last inflation figure published was over 19,000%, Yes 19 thousand percent yearly, and still climbing. The last time this happened was in Indonesia. GEORGE SOROS bought up all of the cash he could from that government. He then went to the World Bank (he sits on the board) GEORGE SOROS demanded that the World Bank bail out Indonesia. He became an instant multi-billionaire. Watch him as well as his supporters, they will strike like a Viper. He will strike again. The USA is in his sights. He is an Oligharq from The Balkans. He understands Power very well. He and his supporters are the major funding source for the Democratic Party, the Associated Press and the IPSOS Polls. Remember them? they gleefully announced that John Kerry was winning the 2004 Presidential election. GEORGE SOROS took out full page major liberal media newspaper adds 'Bush Bashing' across the entire USA. Check or even Google, if you do not trust my observations. Beware who holds the 'reins' of power, the 'bit' is in your mouth.

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Blogger blogengeezer said...

Robert Mugabe is insisting that the official inflation rate is only 8000%. He has now declared all wages offially frozen. What's scary is the fact that people here in the USA want this type of government.

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