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Sarkozy, France? Wow

I really almost can not believe the news. And that is yet another point. France finally awoke from it's deep slumber. Rip Van Winkle is alive and starting to stir. The pendulum is gradually slowing it's swing to the Liberal Left and the next lower 'detent'. The razor sharp edge is still intact but the time frame is starting to lengthen. Mechanism described from "The Pit and the Pendulum". Ahh.. the Bastille revisited. "If only the rats would chew the blood soaked ropes".

The MSM headlines in the Notorious 'Albuquerque Journal', (NY Times, La-La Times Homie') stating the Conservative Sarkozy had won. Of course, true to their fashion, it was accompanied by a file photo of a riot scene. Of course they also failed to mention that 'Liberal Governed' France has riots as often as they have wine. The French welfare system financed, 'scum' as Sarkozy refers to them, burns about 50 to 100 cars every night for entertainment. Remember the population of France, 63 million, is not that large. One despicable way to cut back on fuel imports.
(France History lesson)

The car dealers see nothing wrong with that. Sarkozy is a 'Tough ex-cop' and may tighten the grip on society...finally. He wants to see people at work for 40 hours a week instead of 35 as the Leftists mandated, and come home tired so that they have little energy to go out on the town and 'Burn Cars' for entertainment. He also would like the 'temporary' Immigrant to start working and pay taxes or go back to their beloved Utopia from which they came. Of course if they burn one wrong car back there, it is their last. The 'Socialist Party' of Mme.Segolene Royal, likes the people to stay home, get checks in the mail, and generally be nice and of course vote for her party....O yes! La-La Land, like on the 'Left Coast' of the USA.

Finally some things are reversing the trend toward 'Utopia' envisioned by the 'Intelligentsia' of the 'Academy' generation. AKA the 'Quadropod Latte Suckers'. I would never believe it had I not read it in the most trusted of Mass Media, The Printed Page and the 'all knowing' TV Talking Heads.

Of course the Liberal Main Stream Media is not going to take this lying (Lieing?) down. The 'Tabloid mentality' of the Associated Press is being put into '4x4', 'Nitrous' injected of course. The always reliable 'Sex' and 'Violence' history of Sarkozy is being dragged into the spotlight by the Liberal left Media, drums 'rolling', for all to see. Next they will admonish him for not seeking the all encompassing 'Re-Hab' of our extremely intelligent, 'USA Hollywood film and Entertainment Stars'.

More fantastic news in the form of a powerful 'Counter Force' to Mr 'George Soros', is lurking in the shadows. George Soros, if you Google often, is the entire financial 'ways and means' committee for the numerous Liberal 'sucker fish' fastened firmly to the belly of the Democratic Party of the USA. My 'Blue Collar', hard working ancestors would have revolted if they knew what has happened to this once great political party.

If the offer is accepted, Australia's own Rupert Murdoch, has the 'ways and means' of his own, to take control of 'The Dow Jones Industrials Average', as well as the great, free market, 'Wall Street Journal' without even stopping to think about it. Now the Economy will still have another strong voice against the AP 'Created' news and it's 'Toady' media. Thank you Mr Murdoch and thank you Bancroft family for not ever entertaining any offer from Mr Soros or his shadow Cadre. The Politically Correct, Liberal 'Forces of Darkness', should start a party of their own and release their 'Death Suck' on our once powerful and honorable, Democratic Party of the working man. It is time for the 'Libs' to see if 'Their Own Dog can Hunt'.



Blogger blogengeezer said...

As predicted the 'Leftist' Media has started their attack against the Conservative Sarkozy. The Leftist Media reports that Riots were evident across France.

Well..DUH..Riots are a way of life across France. It has been a fact of life in France. There is no reason not to riot. The check is in the mail for 'rioting'. The previous Leftist leaders have guaranteed no reprisal for behaving like immature spoiled little children for most of their lives. Years of coddling by the leftists have produced this most distasteful crop.

The Leftist media, supported wholeheartedly by the great spoiled journalists of the AP, have attacked Sarkozy for his 'energy recharge' aboard a friends yacht. Now where would have been appropriate to the disgusting leftists?
How about a small rowboat in a reflecting pond near the great Chirac while he further pontificates about the new direction France may embark on. Kick his useless leftist butt, Mr Sarkozy. while youre at it start a National Butt Kickin contest all across France to 'Spank' this entire 'last generation' of 'spoiled rotten' children.

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