Sunday, March 25, 2007


A trip was in order after the winter months. The motor home needed some light prep along with the usual forgetting of key items. The fall draining and blowing out of the water system was tested. No massive 'freeze related' leaks were present. We did a good job last fall. The Padre Island National Seashore is one of our favorite places to visit. Corpus Christi Texas is one big bridge away from the 'Barrier Island. Malachite beach is our favorite area.

The one consistency is 'Inconsistency'. Each visit finds the beach, as well as weather, different. This time of year, to the 'bird watchers' enjoyment, among the vast numbers of birds, were 'Bonaparte Gulls' from Canada, waiting out the winters ending in their home breeding grounds. They are smaller than the 'regulars' that hang around the beach, most of which have headed down towards Mexico. No passports required by those guys. The shore birds were very busy this spring due to the heavy endless flow of seaweed washing onto the beach. The Cormorants drying their wings, the Kerlew with it's long curved beak, the endless array of Peeps scurrying along the waters edge, all of these wonders are within just a few feet of a great camera shot.

One of the last years trips we were treated to massive piles of Bamboo blown ashore from the effects of Hurricane Katrina, Followed by 'Rita' and 'Wilma'. The morning drive along the 68 miles of beach always gave a yield of treasures after the hurricanes. That is one of the main attractions of the area. The freedom to drive your 4 wheel drive vehicle along the beach as well as camp there for extended periods.

There are 'Factions', that would just love to prevent you from enjoying that privilege by 'Restricting' the access of 'Commoners' and 'Lower Caste' citizens like you and I. Such 'Restrictive' laws are always presented by a faction known as 'Liberals'. Where did they get that name? It sure does not fit their 'Agenda' as far as I can observe. This latest 'Religion' is anything but 'Liberal'. The last generations great people like 'Udall' and 'Lady Bird Johnson' that set up this area, were wanting it to be for 'All of the people' to enjoy, not just the limited group of 'Elites' envisioned by the latest 'so called' 'Liberal' conservationist's.

One interesting find was an old dead Sea Turtle. My wife helped the Park Ranger measure it at 84 by 69 CM. During the conversation an article in the North Padre Island Moon news, giving the web site to watch the migration of the various sea turtles that return to lay their eggs on Padre Island each year, was mentioned., click on Satellite tracking, Padre Island National Seashore Kemp's Ridley tracking program and then click on 'Sally'. She is just one of the many turtles fitted with an antenna and transmitter to see her progress from Florida along the coast.

This area is rich in natural beauty. The solitary Great Blue Herons, standing sentinal, watching for fish on the crests of the incoming waves, and the Brown Pelican formations are fascinating to watch. We saw up to 37 Pelicans flying along the beach in a loose V or long line, gliding on the thermals or flapping like synchronised performers. Each formation had a special appeal.

Cell phones do not work well there, that's just one reason to bring children. Young teen aged types will storm away from the family in hatred, to walk the endless beach alone. Slowly they will notice natures irresistable allure, forgetting the secular humanist world that contains their friends. When they return, hopefully what remains somewhere in their thoughts, is a small something other than the hectic, regimented, judgemental world you took them away from. It may take years but you will be forgiven for this dastardly deed.

Sand castles are in a different class here with all ages and talents represented. Artistic architecture is very evident. They even have a big competition for top honors. Check out the Padre Island web sites for the dates. Kites fly great in the endless sea breeze. The temperature is brisk with the wind, this time of year. 70 degrees was average but can get much warmer in the summer months. We usually like the fall and spring for moderate conditions. The free ferry at Aransas Pass will take the car or Motor home to the mainland, 'crabbing' across the current to the other side.

Our USA is filled with interesting places to see and the freedom for all to enjoy. Get away from the job and 'Scope out' the scenes while we are still able to. Soon one day the pressure of population will end the freedom for all, including the less physically fit, to see these wonderful sites from the comfort of your own vehicle.


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