Monday, February 12, 2007

An Inconvenient "Truthiness"

The movie trailer for the most Hollywoodified, Terrifying, X-Game Video style film you will ever see. Of course the opening words tell the astute listener the words 'hotest temperatures' "Ever Recorded". Well yes as long as you do not go back more than about 750 years. The "Ever Recorded" is only using data from the 'last century'. As I have blogged for the last couple of months (Archives) We are currently at the 150 year warming point of a repetitous 400 year cycle of alternating heat/cold recorded by science. The year 1100 was pretty darn toasty. I gave many references to attest to the facts. This earth has seen the population climb from about 300 million at 1AD to 500 million in 1650 AD, then it climbed to over one billion at 1850 AD. That is the point at which it 'skyrocketed' to the present population of 6.7 billion in just 200 years. Do you see what has happened? People are just 'one' of the cause's of the faster increase. Now what are we doing about that? The earth will go on with or without us. We are a species that wants gratification and we want it immediatly. I do not believe we will get the thermostat set at exactly the temperature that is pleasant for all of us. Al's stated sea level rise of 20 feet has been proven TOTALLY wrong in the UN scientific computer simulations. 20 inches is the latest scenario. Not bad when the oceans in the past were 400 feet higher than the present. Now that would be 'Special' now wouldn't it? If the earth did revert to the 400 year cooling cycle prematurely, we would really complain about the cold and blame some one. Thats what some people do..Blame someone else for every thing that happens in their life, Then they demand that the Government fixes it for them. Well sorry folks the earth doesn't work like that. When it tires of us, it will get rid of us. Click on wikipedia in my right sidebar. then use some of the references in my Archives as well as other links in wiki. You may get a laymans education about this issue. also read about the Methane gas in the atmosphere. 23 times more damaging to the Ozone layer than CO2. More people, more fires, more CO2, more heat, like Al says, people add to the cause. Politics will not fix it, plain and simple. Any ideas? of course other than the 'Malthusian Catastrophe' at about 10 billion population. Fact is, Earth may be a little uncomfortable for an increasing number of souls. Thats the way it works. And by the way Polar bears will exist like they did through the last heat cycle ending about 1450. The bears will get smaller than the size they average now, but they will survive. Animals are more tolerant to change than 'modern' humans, they know how to adapt. Have fun with your research. I did.


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