Friday, February 02, 2007


Well its time, based on the recent headlines, for some more.. '' ..really, that is the site you may want to reference, to begin to make sense of what the Liberal Scientists are trying to shove down your throats. After you use all of their references, then move on to some solid food at.. ..Try the small stuff first, with the 'wiki' search of ..'HOLOCENE CLIMATE OPTIMUM'.. after reading about some historical data there, move on to the 'MAUNDER MINIMUM'. Follow this up with a brief refresher course of the ..'MILANKOVITCH CYCLES'.. the term BP is used more often now in dating, it refers to the time period 'Before Present' referring as the time before 1950. (Nuke time) Of course when using BC, add 2000 years to the number as 'Before Christ'. Seems like they just have to get that Man out of our thoughts.

Now that you know just where to begin to get a 'laymans education', which is far and above what our Congress has, then you can move on to things like "OTZI the ICEMAN". all of this is available to you through the online encyclopedia of '' (My right sidebar has the link). 'OTZI', in case you were too young to recall, was found on the Italian Austrian (No Kangaroos) border on September 19th of 1991. He was frozen into the rapidly forming, 'Ice/Glacial' period starting about 5000 or so years ago at the edge of the 'HOLOCENE CLIMATIC OPTIMUM' and at the start of the 'PRIORA OSCILLATION'. (a dramatic very rapid cooling) 'OTZI' had just barely survived a battle for his life. (CSI research) He won in the end because he is famous today. An amazing self sufficient man. "What A Guy" A must read.

After you have read these TRUE scientific facts, you will begin to notice the complete disregard by the MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA, of anything but Liberal 'Party Pablum' for the totally uneducated. In Da Flikkers archives of, 03 January 07 "An Inconvenient Truthiness"...and 30 November 07, the "Global Warming/Ice Age", there are references to 'Wiki's The 'Grisda' research pertains among other facts, to the 'LITTLE ICE AGE' of 1450 to 1850. I can not repeat this enough. We are still not completely through the warming period following all cooling periods. As a matter of fact we are approaching 1/2 way along and will shortly begin to reverse the cycle. Guess who will take credit for that reversal!

Roughly 400 years is just one of the repeating cycles within the longer periods recorded. News Media only remembers.. "last year, or when I was a kid",.. cycles. the Russians know far more than the Liberal Scientists, about what lies ahead. they have drilled into the antarctic Ice cap about 400,000 years deep and extracted 'core samples' to correlate everythng published. this includes the recently recorded 'thickening of the cap'. Thank you Mr Putin, tell the Liberal Scientists to 'Buzz Off'.

The response of the Liberal Scientists is to now 'Ban Funding' of any studies that disagree with them. This Congress is debating this issue right now. Liberal studies groups will stop at nothing to BAN an alternate thought. I thought they were for 'diversity'. If it disagrees with them in any way, it must be 'Banned'. Now that is a scary group to have elected into power. The future will be similar to the 'Dark Ages' or even darker, when the early scientists were proposing theories and being put to death for their observations. You better check it out fast, 'Wiki' may have to pull it all some day, if the Liberal Power Brokers get their way.

I hope this little bit of 'roadmap' to education will start some of you to please "THINK FOR YOURSELF" then judge 'all' of the facts, not just what you watch on the TEEEE VEEEE. You oviously have a computer, now get busy and use the thing that it was built for. Come back again for more RANT by the Blogengeezer. I still love ya!


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