Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Anti-War vs Wildfire

The Anti-War demonstrators were out in force, well organized, in a Nationwide Network. Such planning and perserverence on the part of the planners. Albuquerque alone had about two hundred or maybe some more. Gee, that means that almost a half million ABQ residents stayed home, did other things, went other places and basically could not have cared less. The most interesting comparison came when I looked at the turnout for the 'Wildfire' casting call at the Hilton Inn on University in Alb. I stopped counting after 500 because they just kept on coming. (Thousand? More?) I always say, things are NOT what the 'Mainstream Media' portrays them as being. The average person does not even care about 'film Casting Calls', but obviously far more care about that, than are 'against the war'. Sort of puts things back into perspective now, doesn't it? Enjoy your day and come back again...I will have more later today. Bill Richardson seems popular, WhaddyaThank?


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