Saturday, February 10, 2007

'Astronaut Farmer',two thumbs up!

Great news, the new film, 'Astronaut Farmer' starring Billy Bob Thornton, just got 'two thumbs up' by the ET Film Critics. No big deal except it was filmed here in New Mexico on the same flim lot that we did Comanche Moon and with Blogengeezers friends all doing the background. I wish I could have been there. Now that would have been fun. His 'Rocket' being built into the beautiful big barn. The always great NM scenery in the background.

Bonanza Creek Ranch, is where it was filmed about 15 miles south of Santa Fe NM. It will be famous some day. It is a really nice movie set. You can read about it on my first blog back in June of 06.

Comanche Moon, the prequel to the TV film, Lonesome Dove, was the most fun for Blogengeezer though. I really was impressed by the magnificent Blackfeet Indians and their riding abilities. Watch for it, this spring on TV.

'The Wild Hogs' is going to be great as well. blogengeezer did background nine days in July, at Madrid NM during the carnival scene. Harley Davidson has a winner there, along with Disney producing this fantastic, fun film, starring John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, and the always talented William H Macy.

I had no idea he was a comedian. Oprah Winfrey had them on her TV show this last week, they 'were' the show. 'The Wild Hogs', now that is surely a 'two thumbs Up'. Watch for it in theatres soon. It was advertised on Super bowl Sunday, so you know it is going to be good.

I will post more New Mexico film news as it developes. The year of filming in NM is just starting, our weather is going to be excellent in another month. 62 degrees yesterday and today, very sunny, no depression allowed. That is the start of spring with ony a few more weeks of snow at the higher altitudes and much appreciated rain every now and then untill June. Eat your heart out New York, enjoy the 100 inches of 'Global Warming'.

Filming starts to get hectic in the next few months. I hope some film company needs a 'Bearded Geezer' or two for it's... 'Background Action' ...'Rolling-Rolling'. See you in line at the next casting call Ya-he'ah?


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