Saturday, February 10, 2007

Global Opinions, The future?

You may desire to check out this journalists opinion on the future.

San Diego California Media no less. No one really knows the outcome, thats why I want to get roll'in as soon as the weather gets nice. Of course if a good 'background role' came up, I would consider hanging around for a while.

The new rulings from the new US Congress will undoubtedly raise gas taxes to an historic high to ostensibly fight the 'Media Dreaded', 'Global Warming'. I see an easy four to five to six or even more?, dollars a gallon on the way.

Now that may have a big effect on traffic and highway construction and who knows what all. Three dollars a gallon here last year, really cleared the city streets of 'cruisers', it was very noticeable. I could pull out into traffic without much delay. People planned their trips around the tankfull of gas. Six dollars a gallon for gas will definetly slow down all but the wealthy and carefree. It seems to work in Europe. The idea is to force the 'Masses' into 'Mass Transit', is it not? this keeps the highways clear for the 'Elitist's that write the rules. This, in effect will control the dreaded 'Global Warming'. Win-Win all the way around...right?

Many things cause chain reactions. Like the start of the massive population boom, at the start of the industrial revolution, which happens to coincide with the end of 'the Little Ice Age' (1450 to 1850). And that of course, naturally was the start of the trend toward 'Global Warming'. Which will, by the 400 year mini-cycles of historical standards, taper to a close around 2250. I don't think you and I will see it. We are not even to the half-way (2050) part of the last Warming Cycle.

The latest impending US Congressional rulings are giving the worlds Oil companies a 'Big Carrot' to go along with it. Thats why the World Oil firms are now supporting it so enthusiasticaly. Time to buy Oil Stocks and take advantage of all of the new tax dollars and incentives possibly being directed to the World Oil scene. I read in the Wall Street Journal today that Chevron is anticipating bidding/buying into Russia's 'Belated' Yukos Oils assets. I guess the rewards are outweighing the risks, or the possibility exists, that the risks are Media Hyped? Or the US Congress is preparing to punish 'US oil'? In that case it is survival to 'flee' offshore. Shame on us 'Media Gullible' Masses. In reality, Washington knows better than to "kill the Geese that lay the golden Eggs", or at least I hope they do.

Did anyone ever wonder where politicians get all of their wealth? They have unprecedented, 'insider information' where the next few Trillion dollars of tax money is heading. They 'write the future' in Congress. Of course they all get to keep, as well, the political donations left over when they move on to other endeavers.

Being a successful politician is exceedingly rewarding. Most are at the least Millionaires. Many are Billionaires and the future may see one of them becoming a Trillionaire. Most likely that will be the one that controls the Associated Press as well as the IPSOS polls. Soft 'Bad press' means only 'Name Recognition' and a guaranty of being re-elected by the masses until they die. Democracy works that way. Ah! to be an elected California Commuter, flown back and forth across the US in a government owned Boeing 757 with all of my friends and family. Such a distasteful way to travel. Non stop, No pleasant check in lines, no shoe removal, Nice meals. I, of the lowly masses, am so jealous...Dennis Hastert never knew he could have done it that way....Poor Dennis.

I am too old to see the final results of the decisions made, so I'm just going on a 'spend it as it comes in' way of life. The young people that are intelligent enough to read the future can financially benefit by it. as for my Wife and I, the highways are calling and the sun is starting to shine more each day. Spring is approaching. The tourist areas are getting ready for our visits. The menus are being readied at the small restaurants of each visited town across America. The local attractions are being prepared for our enjoyment. I can hardly wait....See you out on the road this coming year in the Greatest Nation the World has ever seen.


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