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The man made Carbon Footprint in the practical sense, did not exist before man first controlled fire. After that it was all down hill. The amount of carbon placed into the atmosphere before then was at the whim of nature. Fires came and fires went, as fuel availability and conditions improved or degraded, for the support of combustion. After Man got the talent to control fire, the 'footprint' was now a reality. The earths population was negligible so not much occurred out of the natural. A fire was used by most of mankind to stay warm at the cooler parts of the earth and for cooking everywhere.

Of course there are people like 'Ruddiman' that disagree. Ruddimans Theory seems to blame mankind for all of the changes in the earth's climate. He even theorises that the little Ice Age wass caused by man doing his 'man things'. The diseases that were brought to America by the Europeans caused such a decline in the humans on the American Continent that it got colder. Mainly because they lit fewer campfires and such? I, among many other far more intelligent humans, disagree with his 'Anthropogenic Theory'. Ruddiman even goes so far as to say we are not in the Holocene but in his purported 'Anthropocene' Period. Pretty presumptious I'd say.
The worst part is he is teaching his 'Theory' as fact.

The problem started to get a little 'dicey' after the population really started to expand. The biggest historical man made increase occurred after man's intelligence brought him into the Industrial Age, which by the way, coincided with the huge jump in world population from about 500 million (1650) to 1 billion by the end (1850) of the 'little ice age' to the present (150 years later) population of 6.7 billion. I recall an old song from the excellent movie 'Porgy and Bess', "Summertime.. And The Liv'in Gets Easy"

The total 'carbon footprint' of one lowly hamburger was recently computed and published as 6.8 pounds on the very interesting 'Treehugger' blog, the comments are all over the grid). The blog further stated that the average individual consumed 3 burgers per week. That said, the total population of the USA is 300 million. The carbon footprint of the consumed burgers equals the average for approximately 10,000 SUV's. After factoring in the 'Methane' produced by the process of 'growing' and consuming the 'burger', (a very conservative tenfold increase, considering Methane is 23 times as effective at destroying Ozone as CO2) brings the total to equal a very conservative number of 75,000 SUV's. All of which, of course, are wildly stalking small Hybrids, to obliterate from the nations highways.

Now comes the complication. I had been thinking of the 'Carbon Footprint' for every object we take for granted. One of the comments on 'Treehugger' listed many, and I have a few that 'we' consider totally necessary for our everyday existence. At some time a program will be available to reveal the 'Carbon Footprint' of every item we, as humans use.

The 'Cellphone', Microwave Oven, and every object our life involves, including each piece of clothing, wristwatch. A standard vs electric toothbrush. A barbecue flame, (gas vs briquette vs wood). A fire at a campsite, our endless series of obsolete throwaway computers, any number of objects. You be the judge whether these things of our life are to be given up or retained as a necessity. Every object or process in our society has a hidden 'Carbon Footprint'.

Remember the total will climb as you fail to discard the use of such item. An average family house/dwelling (all US totaled) contributes 20 percent of the CO2 produced in the USA alone. All transportation means including Rail, Aircraft, Trucking, (including Garbage Trucks) Shipping of all types including River Barges, Lake Freighters and personal Automobiles and Boats including commercial fishing and Ferrys, amounts to 33 percent of CO2 placed into the atmosphere in the USA. Are you really ready to forego all of that?

The 'Toyota Prious Hybrid' has been heralded as the answer for many. True it leaves a comparitively light 'CF' as it rolls down the highway. The real 'CF' is hidden in the aquiring and use of earths resources for the more exotic materials and technology used in its construction. The battery of a standard SUV is a compact, common Lead Acid type that is easily recycled. The Hybrid's batteries are now Lithium Ion Monsters, that are not easily recycled. The time frame for 'payback' of the actual cost of a Prius, is about 17 years. In our always fickle society, I doubt that anyone will keep one that long. The actual cost of maintenance is much higher in comparison to a normal small toyota.

We can go on and on about what seems to be the easy answers. The much touted Hydrogen powered car is in reality using petroleum to produce the Hydrogen by using more Carbon based energy to accomplish the process. The use of Ethanol for it's low emissions sounds fine on the surface. The fact is, it uses still more carbon based energy to produce than it returns. To say nothing of the Nitrous Oxide produced during it's manufacturing process. Nitrous Oxide is hundreds to thousands of times more damaging as a greenhouse gas than CO2. A well known Nobel Prize winning Chemist disclosed the drastic error in the IPCC's figures.

The tractors and machinery to farm the corn and biomass do not even run on Ethanol. They would run out of fuel faster than they could produce it.

Ethanol is yet another Political tool to direct wealth to the individuals that promote it. The 'elite' will survive by investing in the future they plan. To survive, a person better get the best education possible to stay on the top tier of society. It was the same for "Otzi the Iceman". (a previous post) 5000 years ago when the average age was 10 to 12 years old. Otzi was killed by a gang of thugs at 47.. He was a 'true' survivor. His Government did Squat for 'Otzi'. The government does preserve his body today.

The extremely visible 'Carbon Footprint' contrails of a single commercial airliner is immensely high on the CO2 scale. Multiply that by thousands per day in the USA alone. A single Rocket launch, such as 'the shuttle' produces so much CO2 along with massive amounts of particulates of who knows what, as to make it 'Obscene' to say the least, in the effect on the Ozone. In the event we totally stopped 'everything' we do right now the results would not even be visible for another many countless hundreds of years.

The population of earth, barring unforeseen circumstances, will keep, on a very conservative estimate, doubling in another 100 years or much faster, as estimates are published. The 'inevitable' will occur as it does in every species whether it be 'Lemmings' marching to the sea or a population of rats on the farm eating themselves out of existence when the farm shifts to modern transportation and storage facilities.

The answer to this is 'Veggies', for a segment of our population. The Amazon Basin, of which 70 percent is in Brazil is now being reduced to primarily, 'Soybean Production' for The consumers in Europe. Twenty percent of Brazil is now under cultivation, in place of the oxygen producing trees of the Amazon. The fires alone used in clearing, account for so much CO2 that it is immeasurable.

There is no easy answer despite what pompous politicians, promoting their parties answer, proclaim. The Earth will 'ultimatly be 'The Decider'. Man's feeble attempt to undo what the unrelenting population growth has unleashed, will only result in the further distancing of the masses from the 'elites' in society. Many people on earth, are going to be very, very uncomfortable, that is for sure.

The 'Carbon Credits' proposed, will only be a form of forced redistribution of resources from the Freedom loving, Innovative, Progressive, thus Wealthy nations, to the 'bogged down' Totalitarian governed, regressive nations with totally uncontrolled population growth, exacerbated by the new source of cash flowing into their society.

The Authoritarian 'Elites' of that society will take control of the newly distributed wealth, by buying tens of thousands of AK47's, to control their population growth, like they have all along. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez will have a Kalishnikov (AK47) factory shortly. Now that may slow down the excess population in South America. The 'AK47' has been touted as one of the most effective killers in the entire history of the world. Now 'that' is a record to be proud of...NOT !!

Man immensely enjoys the 'act' of reproduction, whether it results in his demise or that of others. Proof of that is the proliferation of words used to describe 'The Act' of reproduction. The most active sites on the internet, are the sites that promote the act, as well as enjoyment as entertainment, of 'procreation'.

Hollywood is doing it's utmost to further enhance (justify their own hedonistic behavior) the 'enjoyment' of sex with as many partners as possible. It is the nature of man at play. Consequences are to be expected. Hollywood's, self created, self Loved/Hated, 'self Mutilated', victims are endless, as seen on the News and the Tabloids. And we admire them, as well as their opinions on how to run our lives and who to 'Hate' in Government ??

The 'Carbon Footprint' political aspects are but one tool for the Power and control of the lowly masses. Read 'Brave New World' by 'Aldus Huxley' An intensive study was done in the 60's at a university in Southern Illinois, about how to 'redistribute' the wealth and population equally around the globe. I am confident, it is a format that is being followed as we progress foreward through the future. Notice the endless Political attacks on 'Immigration Laws'.

Another study was done using rats in a Controlled Ideal environment, Rats in La-La Land, allowed to breed at will. All was fine up to a point. Happy rats all doing their 'rat thing'. The more rats came to be in closer contact to each other, the more intense and the meaner they got. 'Rat Rage? Valium for Rats? Food and nourishment was not limited, so the only reason for the fighting, 'to the death often', was the overwhelming population expansion. .."No where to run, Nowhere to Hide".. Hey, wasn't that an old song ?

We are smarter than rats, right? ..I don't think so...One look at the headlines will tell you, Man is inherently evil and only the total acceptance of that will save man from the inevitable fate. Whatever the future brings, it brings. The one thing that can save a person is True Faith. Live life each day to it's fullest.

Get a Real education in the 'Hard Sciences'. Use the Politically Driven Mainstream Media, only as a rough guide to local information. Question the teachings of the teachers at every level, they also have Political 'Agendas'. They are experienced in logic indoctrination, so be wary as to what they project into the lesson format.

Use this great waste of Carbon called the computerised Internet and learn how to stay on the top tiers of society, like 'Otzi' did for 47 years. Travel to see the differences between the disfunctional parts of the world and our Great Industrialised Nation.

After you have achieved the best possible education available to you in this great nation, Take your rightful place at the Helm, always keep a light hand on the throttles to prevent a shipwreck of society. Remember, it took a long time to build, it is nowhere near finished or by any means perfect. It is not as bad as the Media proclaims.

Please shake off the 'Heavy Depressing Guilt' being thrown on you by Political activists through the Media with a personal agenda. I do not ever mean to imply that we should forego any attempts to conserve or change.

Actually I am bringing attention to the wasteful nature of our modern, throw away, society. I know for a fact, as well, you truly love our world as a wonderful, fascinating creation to be enjoyed. Have fun, keep Your Faith and enjoy this exciting life.


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'Treehugger' link has been removed from this blog due to the fact that if you make one comment on any one of their subjects, it is multiplied by the number of articles they post each day, which can be in the dozens. NOT GOOD! Google now has recorded hundreds of the same few comments Blogengeezer made on their site. Maybe that is a 'Liberal' thing. If so it is very devious. Sorry for any problems. Lesson learned.

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One thing about Change, it always happens. The way we deal with it is the main thing for survival. So much total dis-information is fostered on the public from their main source of 'Intelligence', The really big screen TV with it's 'all knowing', 'talking heads' as well as lately the really big politicians on the even larger screen, politically inspired 'film Documentaries'. Global Warming/Cooling happens and there is nothing you can do about it. It happened in the 'Stone Age' and will continue to happen. A well known writer/comedians take on it.

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