Friday, May 04, 2007

'LUCKY' the Old Sailor

A man walked into a bar and sat next to a very rough looking 'Old Sailor'. The man could not help but notice the sailor had a left 'Peg Leg', A large sharp 'Hook' for a left hand, and a black 'Patch' over his left eye socket. The man finally worked up enough courage to ask the old sailor about the various 'accessorys' he was wearing.

First question was about the left 'Peg leg'? The Sailor said with a gruff gravelly voice, "ARGGH", "fell overboard durin' a voyage through shark infested waters," "Me Mates pulled me back on board but a big shark had already bit off me left leg", "So I got me this 'Peg'".

Shortly, the amazed man got to the second question, what about the left Hook in place of a hand? the old sailor replyed again gruffly, "ARRGH" "Me and Me Mates were sailin' round the 'Horn' when we were boarded by 'Pirates', while fightin' them off, one whacked me with his Cutlass, cuttin' off me left 'hand'". "So I got me this Hook"

Amazed at these storys, the man finally got to the reason for the patch? Again the reply, "ARRGGH, a flyin' Seagul crapped in me left eye!"

The astounded man looked at the old sailor and questioned why that made him lose the left eye? Again the reply, "ARRGH, First day with Me new Hook".


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