Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton?

More from 'ROBO' in LA-LA.
I had to go out of the office for about .5 hrs. The entire trip I have the radio on for the traffic news. Not one traffic report. Reporters and photographers and helicopters covering PARIS BIMBO. That's all that was on for .5 hrs. it's still going on as far as I know.

Now remember, this is
'The Mainstream Media' that gives you your opinions on George Bush, the war in Iraq, environmentalism, and anti-capitalism. These are the brilliant minds that call themselves "Progressives".
Does anyone have ANY intelligence in the media?


Well she was kinda Weepy looking, just sitting there in the car, "It's not fair" she insists. "It's just not fair". Well Paris, if life was 'fair' you would look just like the rest of us 'Mud heads'. Blogengeezer


Blogger blogengeezer said...

ROBO says
How about this for 2008, slogan or bumper sticker?

The Democratic Party nor the "Mainstream Media" never, ever gave victory a chance in Iraq".

Other night woke up and was listening to some congressman being interviewed on PBS. All I heard him say was that Richard Nixon was a saint compared to George W. I never thought Nixon as bad as the lunatic left portrayed him. Never the less, the congressman was sprouting off with totally 'leftist' biased opinion and presenting it as fact as the interviewer was nodding his head in agreement. Think bobble heads.
I have never heard anyone on PBS say anything positive about the GOP. Isn't this tax payers money? No wonder the PBS stations are struggling.
I turned off the TV and went to bed, to continue sleeping.
BG says, In comparison to 'PBS', Paris Hilton makes better 'news'.

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